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I love winter for all the cosy clothes you can wear but jesus do I hate the cold. I hate being cold with a passion, take me somewhere hot where’s it’s never cold…ever! This blog was suggested by one of my friends, so I thought I’d share with you my winter essentials. I think it’s important to keep your body at it’s best, especially as winter always brings along that nasty cold/sore throat. 

I love slippers, the fluffier the better! The last ones I had, got a little smelly. I think this is due to the fact that I never wore socks with my slippers. However, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and hey presto, these still smell glorious. I love these slippers as they are perfect for all year round use but they’re also Christmassy!

I’m a big fan of keeping warm. That’s why having a wheat bag in the shape of a pig is perfect. It’s also great to put in the bed at night to warm it up before you clamber in. I’ve also found that this is great for tummy pain and soothing aches and pains. Good piggy!

Concealer is super important for me when I’m applying my every day make-up.  It’s great for covering up dry patches, red spots and baggy eyes. I’ve been using Rimmel’s Lasting Finish concealer which comes in a palette form. This means it’s easy to use and seems to last forever!

A person can never have too many scarves and hats, well I did until I chucked lots of them out. These are just a few of what remain. Super cosy and a great defence against the nasty cold and windy weather. The tartan scarf is from Primark, as is the checkered bobble hat. The black and white scarf is a gift from Next and the pink bobble hat is from Matalan.

Keeping your body healthy is something that I think we forget during the winter months, especially when it comes to the hair. I love my long hair (even though I complain about it nearly every day), it’s definitely due a cut but these three products are great for keeping my hair healthy and nourished. The Tresemme Split Remedy is perfect for reducing the appearance of split ends, especially as mine are very much apparent at the moment. The Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil was something I got from BuzzAgent (a website offering every day people the chance to review products for free). I love this stuff and I think it now costs £9.99 when at first I’m sure they’d priced it at £2.99. I’d definitely pay £10 again for this stuff as it’s perfect for adding shine and a healthy look to my hair. The Pantene over night protection spray is something I tend to use when I’ve washed my hair. It tends to lock the fragrance into my hair for longer and it’s also a great substitute for the Coconut Oil.

It’s very much the norm for people to get ill over the festive/winter period. I suppose we become sloppy, we don’t look after ourselves as much and the temperature dips so much that our bodies aren’t used to handling it. Living in London holds the biggest risk of catching a cold. The amount of bars, handles and doors we touch, not to mention how close we get to people during rush hour, is more than likely to be the cause of the sore throat I currently have. However, I’m prepared to tackle anymore oncoming colds with this hand sanitiser. Especially as this is a strawberry lace fragrance. It smells so yummy and it blasts any chances of another terrible cold!

 I only have the one wardrobe between myself and Sam so I had to buy some big boxes when he moved down, to store all my summer wear. Now however, I have lots of thick jumpers, cardigans and tops to keep me warm during the cold months ahead.

I love my shoes and I love bags. When my mum and dad got us this shoe rack, I was selfish and took up like three of the four shelves (naughty Natalie), so I had a clear out and have had to stack shoes on top of each other to make space for the boys. My favourite shoes at the moment are the brown knee high boots from New Look, super cosy and were a steal in the post Boxing Day sales.

I love, love, LOVE cocoa butter Vaseline. I’ve nearly got through the entire tin (which lasts forevcr) and it caters to my sweet tooth. Obviously I don’t eat it but the smell is so glorious and Vaseline is always the best for coating my lips and protecting them from the cold!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Hand Cream is fantastic for keeping my hands from drying out in the cold. I still don’t have any gloves, which is annoying but I will get some soon. For now, though this hand cream works wonders but doesn’t exactly smell fantastic, so if you are a person who picks out hand creams for their smell, this might not be the one you’re after.

I love all my Winter Essentials, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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