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Hopefully given a few years, I should be in league with the likes of The Kardashians and have a millions of pounds at my disposal. Well failing that, I hope to at least have the money to afford my dream wishlist of shoes. When I was at school, I was never the type to want the latest beauty product or the designer gear (much to the relief of my parents) but since whisking away into adulthood, I find myself gawping at shop window display as I walk the streets of London. I am officially hooked on beauty and fashion and will not be satisfied until I have a drawer full of make-up and a walk in wardrobe full of shoes. Hey a girl ain’t asking for much…

So without further ado, here are some of my favourite shoe brands that I’m itching to get onto my tootsies.

Christian Louboutins 

I can’t help but give a jealous stare whenever I see someone walk past me with the iconic red soled shoe on their feet. Did you know that his inspiration for the red sole was from his assistant painting her nails red at the time of him brainstorming?! The Louboutin is an iconic shoe that most people will respond to when asked ‘Name a designer shoe‘. They’re just simply gorgeous!


Everyone loves a good ol’ Tim Tim. I’ve pined after these beauties forever and they’ve been a shoe that I’ve wanted for so long. They definitely reach out to my inner tomboy and I could see myself wearing these with a slouchy top and jeans during the winter or a crop top and shorts during the summer. GAHHH so many clothing/shoe combo opportunities and so little money…


When my friend Hannah told me she’d gotten a pair of Uggs, I felt my heart sink a little. Shopping for shoes is always a major hassle for me as I have feet as big as boats and they’re also wide, which makes it even more of a problem. Uggs have always been the types of shoes that once I’ve tried them on, they’ve fitted so snugly and I’ve just wanted to walk out of the shop wearing them. Again, like most of this list they are pricey, but they’re stylish, durable and more importantly – COMFORTABLE! Style and comfort all rolled into one, now that’s every girl’s dream.

House of Spring

A brand that I only recently discovered whilst at an event, House of Spring offers the fashion of Paris combined with that of London. The result is classy and quality designed shoes that really stand out amongst the crowd. I love the Nude T Bar sandal shoe (above), for it’s simplicity but elegant feel. I want a pair in every colour!


Another brand that I found out about through a friend was A.S.98. An Italian brand that offers luxury shoes that have a rugged and vintage look to them. They’ve appeared on the likes of Johnny Depp and on the pages of Marie Claire. I love discovering new brands of shoes that aren’t just the ones seen on the high street.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my shoe wishlist and be sure to let me know in the comments below what your favourite shoe brands are! If any shoe brands are reading this also, don’t be afraid to get in touch to collaborate!

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