Trip to National History and V&A Museum

The other day, myself and Hannah took a trip into London to explore some of the free things that the city has to offer. I’d even made an itinerary of what we’d be doing throughout the day. Now unfortunately, myself and Sam had been visiting friends the night before so we were pretty late getting into London. This meant that I didn’t get into London for 1.30pm! We started out at The National History Museum, which sadly had it’s dinosaur and blue whale exhibition under construction.

 It was so strange to visit this place after so many years ago. I think the last time I went was when I was living back at home and in college. A lot of it had remained the same but as per usual, the amount of people was ridiculous!

We then went to the V&A Museum and this was Hannah’s favourite and probably mine as well. We spent forever trying to find the Theatre & Performance section and when we finally found it, we took full advantage of trying costumes on. We were then told we had 5 minutes to leave before they closed – typical.           

We took a little break and had coffee and cake in the V&A cafe. The red velvet cake and salted caramel Oreo cake were delicious.

Later on in the evening, we headed into Central London to jump on the bandwagon and see the Lumiere Lights festival. Make sure you look out for a blog next week, featuring the Lumiere lights.


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