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So you may have recently seen that I’d chopped my hair off for two causes. One was for The Little Princess Trust and the second was for a family member called Katy who’s currently battling breast cancer. Incredibly, I managed to smash through my £500 target and raised £680! Unfortunately GoFundMe do take off a little bit of each donation but I told myself that I would personally top this up, so £680 will be going towards Katy’s main GoFundMe page which you can find here.

Initially Katy’s GoFundMe page was set for £50,000 and over half of this was donated within a month, which was incredible. This allowed Katy to use some of that fund to book initial appointments with the clinic over in Germany. For more details of this, go onto her GoFundMe page.

Now unfortunately, the initial £50,000 was an estimation of the costs. This has recently been upped to £150,000. It’s a scary amount to raise but with the already fantastic support that Katy has received already, I have no doubts that this is a reachable target.

For those who don’t know, we’ve been actively promoting a campaign on Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a great new concept that enables causes such as Katy’s, to raise more awareness on a global scale. The site allows you to set a goal of how many people need to sign up in order for it to go live. We set it at 250. This meant we needed 250 to sign up to the campaign via Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. A few days ago we reached that target and it now sits at 263 at the time of writing this. You can view and sign up to the campaign here. On November 5th at midday, a single post or tweet will automatically be published off each and every account that’s signed up to the campaign. That means a mass message will go out at the exact same time, hopefully reaching a big audience. Currently this social reach is at 93,754. If every person gave just £1, that would mean Katy would be very close to reaching her target. £1 is nothing!

So I’m asking friends, family and those who don’t know me personally to sign up to the Thunderclap campaign and/or just give a small amount to Katy’s page. Every little helps in allowing Katy to get the treatment she needs to beat this terrible disease.

Thank you!

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