Turning 23!

I can’t believe that this little girl aka myself is about to turn 23. Where the hell is the time going and please may I be a child again? I often say this…every day that it’s so much easier being a kid. I remember when I was a wee one, that every adult would tell me never to wish my childhood away and to enjoy being a kid. At the time, all I wanted to do was to grow up! Being a kid for me was boring compared to what you could be doing as an adult. Earning money, working on a cash register (I wanted to own my own shop when I was younger) and receiving letters.

The reality of being an adult is having less than good money, cash registers aren’t that fun once you’ve used them more than once and letters are normally bills.

So to celebrate me turning 23, here’s 23 things I miss about childhood.

1. Believing in Santa.

2. Time seems to go slower when you’re a child.

3. Not having to work.

4. Having a good old tantrum.

5. Thinking £5 was A LOT of money.

6. Believing in the Tooth Fairy.

7. Thinking everyone lives forever.

8. Having a super awesome metabolism.

9. Being able to avoid blame for things you obviously did.

10. Playing in the playground at school.

11. Not finding childhood toys creepy, like Furby for example.

12. Heath Ledger was still alive.

13. Not having TOTM.

14.  Mum brushing my hair because I couldn’t be bothered.

15. Thinking songs like Barbie girl and Soulja Boy’s Crank That were innocent songs.

16. Believing Disney was actually what adult life was like.

17. No make-up required.

18. Being the most excited child on CHRISTMAS EVE.

19. Thinking there were no bad people in the world, only those I saw on television or film.

20. Busted were still together which meant Charlie was in it <3

21. Doing things wrong but not being told off for it.

22. Making new friends without worrying about whether they like you or not. No one cares! To be honest though I still don’t care.

23. And being with my family every day!


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