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I need this blog because it provides me with a creative output. Life is so boring when you work all day and then just sit in front of the television during the evening. Blogging for me is about creating quality content that makes me happy and makes the people I love happy. I started my blogging journey nearly two years ago now. It was probably when Zoella was at her peak of becoming very well known as a YouTuber.

It was also when university as I knew it was coming to a bitter sweet end. I was about to officially grow up and become an adult. Education was no longer going to be a safety blanket and I was moving down to London with no clue as to how I would cope or get on with my career. Looking back on it now, a lot has happened in the space of two years. Being an individual who wants everything to progress rapidly and hates being stuck in one place, I’m finding it hard to tell myself that I’ve actually achieved quite a bit. Daily blogging has helped me understand that I’m not the sort of person to just spend the rest of my life being content. To be honest, I hope I’m never content because that way I know that I’ll achieve what I want to achieve and get the best out of life possible.

I’ve heard from some people that they’ve wanted to start their own blog and I say DO IT! Why the hell not? I think most of our generation nowadays have so much of their lives online, that blogging has sort of become like an online diary. Memories can fade but having something written down or typed up and published online means that it will stay there forever (unless for some reason the Internet disappears tomorrow).

I’ve become less regular on my YouTube Channel only because I feel as though I run out of ideas quickly on there and it takes a lot longer to film, edit and publish a video than it is to write and publish a blog post. I love to also work with brands on my blog and I think it’s key to work with as many as I can when I’m just starting off professionally. So far I’ve managed to get paid three times for blogs and have received so many free products to test, read and try out. I am so grateful to receive these opportunities and I’m constantly on social media, looking for more opportunities, signing up to more brand/blogger collaboration websites and PR companies. This doesn’t mean that I take every single assignment, I always look at the brand/company or project and firstly think whether my audience/readers would want to read it. I can’t impress or appease everyone all the time so I try and be quite versatile with my blog posts. However I still have my categories of Health and Fitness, Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. I think I’m also going to dedicate one more page to books, especially as my challenge for this year is to read a total of fifty books.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, let me know and I’d be happy to give you some key pointers that I kind of wish I were told about when I first started my blog.

Happy reading!

Natalie-Ann x

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