Dear John

Nicholas Sparks is probably one of the best authors for romantic novels ever. No wonder all of his books have more or less been made into blockbuster movies. The latest one I’ve read is Dear John. This is definitely one you’ll have heard of as it wasn’t too long ago that the movie was released starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

Now this one isn’t your typical love story, they meet in their early twenties, have a whirlwind romance over the course of two weeks and then John has to return to the army. His father is a recluse and his mother walked out on the two of them when John was just a child. John and his father don’t really have a relationship at all as father and son and this is something John struggles to deal with. There is obviously something different about his father’s personality and the way he is around others, which you learn about throughout the story. Savannah is the girl John meets after her bag is accidentally knocked into the sea. Being the confident surfer John is, he dives in and rescues it for her and from that moment, the feelings begin to creep in and develop. 

The story gives you an idea of how it must be in a relationship where one partner is away from the other for months on end, like a military role for instance. No matter what stage a relationship may be at, having those long periods of times away from each other is enough to test any relationship or marriage. With my book reviews, I try to be subtle as I don’t want to give too much away about the plot. It is a happy ending in one sense but you are left feeling sorry for John. This story is definitely one that will make you think about what you’d do if you were put in a situation like John’s and Savannah’s and just how much your love could stretch for the one you fall in love with.

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