Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas wrapping for me has become a bit more of a pause for thought than it has been in previous years. I find myself picking a certain theme each year. Last year it was a traditional brown paper wrapping that had red ribbon tied around the outside. This year because the world is literally obsessed with rose gold, I found wrapping paper and tags that would have some of that gorgeous copper featuring throughout my gifts.


Wilkos is my new favourite store and I’ll be showing you in the New Year, the first few homeware pieces that myself and Sam have been investing in but before I go off topic I wanted to give you some Christmas wrapping ideas. This is if you’re a little stuck or lacking a bit of festive inspiration.



Bows are so cheap to buy and I brought a set of 25 from Wilkos the other day for just £1. I decided to customise my presents by adding two bows, one big and one small. Something as simple as this makes the receiver of the present think that you’ve put extra effort into your presents. I know right? Even I’m a sucker for it.


Stick to a theme

When picking wrapping paper, don’t go all over the shop with rolls and rolls of different designs and patterns, just keep it simple by sticking to two designs. I brought the one you see above with the gold, silver and rose gold stars and this gold star wrapping paper. Both have the same theme of gold stars and therefore look beautiful placed together. By having just two designs you won’t end up with left overs that will only get creased and damaged in your bedroom cupboard before the next Christmas comes along.


Assortment of wrapping

Use fabric

Lush do this great alternative and eco-friendly gift wrapping which is in the form of a fabric made from recycled lush bottles! Not only is it eco-friendly but it also acts as an additional present and comes in all lengths and sizes so may be used as a handkerchief, scarf or headband. The possibilities are endless!


Personalise your wrapping

Present wrapping is a simple thing but if given a little personality can look like the best dang presents you ever did see. Just check out Pinterest for all the various personalised ways that wrapping papers can be styled. Anything from scrabble pieces to make names, gingerbread/candy cane tags and shrubbery can give your Christmas presents the wow factor and it doesn’t take a lot of effort at all.


How have you styled your Christmas wrapping this year? Let me know in the comments below.







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