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It’s like a dating website for any lover of books. GoodReads is probably the best website I’ve ever found that let’s you record what you’ve read, what you want to read and what you’re currently reading. I cannot believe that I haven’t found this website sooner as I’ve always been a major bookworm. Especially now living in London, whenever you’re on the underground time seems to stand still. This means you can take full advantage of reading several chapters of a book on your journey to and from work.

GoodReads is an easy to use site that you can join either via your Facebook account or via e-mail. I didn’t realise that so many of my friends were also on it (I feel like I’ve been living under a rock all this time!).

These are the books that I’ve read so far, including one that I’m currently reading:

Rebel of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton 

You Have Not A Leg To Stand On by D.D Mayers

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Whatever Next? by Tony Porter (currently reading)

As you can tell I’m currently on a bit of a Nicholas sparks reading binge. I love his romance novels and they are all so gripping that I can never put the book down for more than a few hours.

With GoodReads you can rate the book and it also has the option for you to give it a review. When I get the chance, I’ll take the afternoon to sit down and write a bit more of a review for each book I’ve read. This is excellent tracking for one of my New Year’s Resolutions which was to read 50 books by the end of 2016. I’m currently on my 6th one which is good progress but I felt I slowed down a little over the few weeks. I definitely think I can make this target as I’m certainly not short of free books from the library and the occasional one I receive through working with brands.

The website itself is like a library, where it shows you all the books that are popular at the moment, along with the ‘Want to Read‘ button, you’ll never forget about purchasing or finding that book in the library again!

As soon as this year is up though, I will be trying to remember EVERY other book I’ve read so that I can add my entire collection to this website. If you’re a book lover and want to document what you read then check out GoodReads now!

Natalie-Ann x

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