Catching Up – February

Time for a catch up on the shortest month of the year. I know I’ve said this multiple times now within the space of a month, but where the hell is this year going?! Already we are cruising into March and so much has been going on. I apologise for those of you who read my blogs daily that I’ve been slacking and haven’t posted for 5 days straight. Naughty me.

However I feel sometimes, I need to give myself a little break from the Internet and all things social media and just go with the flow of life. That means reading a book or being less proactive by vegging out in front of the television. 

So within this month, I’ve attended another drama school audition (which went very well), had my hair coloured ginger for a photoshoot and worked tirelessly for the past few weeks to earn some dollar! I’ve found that I’ve been getting more castings now as it’s hitting March and I’m also aware of getting a new agent as I feel I need one that’s based in London and possibly has offices in the Midlands too. I managed to also catch up with a dear friend recently whose proposed a very exciting business venture that will involve my blog (more on this as it develops). Either way, I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop and I’ve also discovered more opportunities to collaborate with brands, trying out new products and writing reviews. I’m also going to be writing a blog post this week on the benefits of working with brands if you have a blog, so watch out for that one!

What else have I done this month? I’ve spent time with the family, celebrating my dear daddykins’ birthday. He’s turned 51 and doesn’t look a day over 50 – ha. I’ve also been loving the amount of books I’ve been reading and have waiting for me to read. I will DEFINITELY be creating another page on my blog that will be dedicated solely to book reviews, so any book lovers will want to head over to this when it’s up and running.

Here’s the gigantic list of 2016 resolutions, let’s see if I’ve crossed anymore off the list!

1. Update blog design.

2. Contribute 300 blog posts during 2016. 48/300

3. Start saving.

4. Watch more movies.

5. Read 50 books within the year. 2/50

6. Go to Drama School.

7. Stress less and relax more.

8. Perfect the perfect cat eye, eyeliner.

9. Gained 15 more credits for my acting resume.

10. Achieve my body goals.

11. Be more positive and confident in myself and my abilities.

12. Try a new type of food, never tried before.

13. Eat more healthily. 

14. Buy lighting equipment for YouTubing. 

15. Talk to distant friends and family more.

16. Go to a YouTube event.

17. Work with over 50 brands during 2016. 12/50

18. Drink less fizzy drinks.

19. Go to the gym 3 times a week. 

20. Learn when to say no.

21. Traveled somewhere new.

22. Buy all Christmas presents early!

23. Get a showreel. 

24. See 5 new shows in the West End. (Or shows I’ve not seen before) (1/5 – Matilda)

25. Buy a new pair of glasses.

26. Purchase a notepad specifically for blog ideas etc. (Thanks Mummy Genders!)

27. Stop biting my nails. Full stop.

28. Help someone with a project of theirs.

29. Get new headshots. (Getting these done in February)

30. See friends outside of London.

31. Work with a big brand for my blog or YouTube.

32. Get a professional voicereel and agent.

33. Get hair cut to shoulder length.

34. Collaborate with more bloggers and youtubers.

35. Drink a two glasses of water at least, every day.

36. Bake more!

37. Do more photoshoots.

38. Be more proactive.

39. Do a Look Book for my YouTube Channel. (Have recorded it!)

40. Work for a charity.

51. Write more baking blogs.

52. Go to 10 live events during the year via Bloggers Required.

53. Buy more gym gear.

54. To have a Facebook friend clear out.

55. Do more freelance blogging. (Clients are beginning to approach me for paid blogs – Exciting!)

56. Drink less crap coffee.

57. Travel to Brighton.

58. Procrastinate less.

59. Invest more time into my blogging. Treat it like a full-time job.

60. Have a go at Yoga.

61. Bring my brother down to London for the weekend.

62. Have my parents in London for the festive build up.

63. Try going veggie for a week/month.

64. Reach 100,000 by the end of the year. (34,895/100,000)

65. Develop more of a skincare routine.

66. Buy better shoes.

67. Give more time to my YouTube channel.

68. Sing more and upload more singing videos.

69. Be able to do the splits again.

70. Reach 2,000 followers on Twitter. (429/2,000)

71. I need more bags in my life.

72. Take more photos on my camera.

73. Daily vlog more.

74. Begin learning a new language.

75. Buy myself a treat every month.

76. Attend more acting workshops/classes

77. Experiment more with hairstyles. (Dying my hair more or less orange counts right?)

78. Earn more money.

79. Stick by more To Do lists.

80. Get more sleep!

81. Reach 500 YouTube subscribers.

82. Go charity shopping and find something incredible.

83. Pamper myself more.

84. Do more touristy stuff in London.

85. Do ab workouts every day.

86. Reach 1,500 followers on Instagram. (582/2,000)

87. Campaign for something I believe in.

88. Be more organised.

89. Don’t rely on my phone as much for travelling around London.

90. Purchase some new eye makeup.

91. Be spontaneous. 

92. Get a retweet or tweet from a celebrity.

93. Find out from the Doctor what I’m actually intolerant to.

94. Remember important dates and phone numbers.

95. Turn my blogging hobby into a career.

96. Face a fear.

97. Embrace all the positives and negatives of my life.

98. Visit Charlie in Paris.

99. Visit the dentist more often.

100. Be happy!

Ok so I feel like some of these are developing and won’t really be crossed off for a while. However I’ve seen a good increase on some of the ones where the numbers are involved. It’s so satisfying knowing that I’m actually completing and making tracks on my New Years Resolutions. So roll on March, let’s see what you have in store for me and you, my readers!

Natalie-Ann x

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