Take Your Fitness Outside

Another weekend, another guest post! Bringing back the lovely Samantha Olivier, she’s looking at how we can take our fitness outdoors. As the late nights draw in and the thought of being outside in the evening is a little daunting, you’ll be surprised by just how much fitness and sports is available to you. You can find Samantha on Twitter here.


Take Your Fitness Outside 

If you feel bad spending time in a stuffy gym instead of being outside in this beautiful weather and fresh air, we have some great news for you. Forget about the gym and take your fitness outside with these fun fat-burning muscle-building activities. Take a look! 

Hit the waves 

If you’re one of those lucky people who live by the ocean, you can try your hand at surfing. Even though it might look easy when the pros do it, surfing actually requires a lot of stamina, strength, balance and skills. If you think surfing is a bit too much adrenaline for you, you can try stand-up paddle boarding. It’s easier to learn, but requires almost twice as many calories. You will need to paddle constantly and use your core to maintain balance. Both activities are great cardio workouts and super fun. 


If you’re looking to find the best cardiovascular activity, you can stop looking. It works almost every part of your body and who doesn’t want to have a swimmer’s body? If you’re not exactly Michael Phelps, you can simply splash around, play some water volleyball or catch and still burn some serious calories. 

Under the sea!

Snorkelling and scuba diving are one of those exercises that don’t feel like exercise at all, but have many great benefits. It’s not only super fun, but also a great cardio workout. You have to work hard to push against the resistance of the water, so you will work your glutes, thighs, hips, back and abs. You constantly need to twist your body by using your core, and if you use fins, you will increase the resistance and work your legs even harder. Diving is also a great way to relax, because it’s always peaceful under the surface. 


Biking is a great way to burn calories and lose weight outdoors, and it also build the muscles in your legs and core. You can do it alone, grab a friend for a ride, or join a club and bike with other enthusiasts. If you take it off the road, you will almost double the amount of calories you can burn, because of the different terrains, slopes and hills. 

Become a sk8ter 

Roller skating and skateboarding are an amazing cardio workout that strengthens your core and your legs. You can basically do it any place that’s paved, or visit a skate park for an ultimate experience. Roller skating’s a bit easier to learn while skateboarding requires a little more practice, so find a great skate shop, pick out a longboard, and get to it. 


Stamina, strength, agility, speed – all of these things are best exercised on the tennis court. And have you seen those chiselled and tanned bodies? So, pick up a racquet and challenge your friends to a friendly duel. Tennis is a great HIIT activity and a serious calorie-burner that tones the arms, back, shoulders and legs. It also improves speed, balance and coordination while burning around 500 cals an hour. And you can also skip your morning jog because you will cover between 4 and 6 km during one match! 


This classic game is one of the few activities you can do practically anywhere outdoors. It’s super cheap and sooo much fun. It doesn’t require a lot of space, people or expensive equipment like tennis, just some racquets and some spirit. Badminton requires a lot of energy and running around, so it improves stamina. It requires little to no practice, and it’s great for all ages and fitness levels. If you have kids, they’ll also love it!

Forget about expensive gym memberships, and take your workouts outside. You will burn the same amount of calories, but enjoy fresh air and catch some vitamin D. Good luck! 

Are you doing any outdoor fitness at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.