How Brands Benefit Your Blog

Working on a blog is so rewarding but there are times when my creative juices just don’t flow and I’m left with empty days in my calendar for blog ideas.

When I started professionally blogging in September, I decided to give it my all and do as much daily blogging as possible. Now and again, I do slack and go a few days without blogging but honestly, I feel that it’s needed because it pushes me to work harder. It spurs me on to seek more opportunities for both my acting career and my blog. My blog started out as a hobby and now, thanks mainly to brand collaborations, it’s beginning to turn into a business and a form of income.

There are many reasons why working with brands can benefit your blog and here’s a few that I’ve found,

Their Audience Becomes Your Audience.

It’s the simplest one of them all. The more brands that you work with (no matter how big they are), the more views and followers you are going to get for your blog. I love working with brands of all sizes and I’m surprised to find that the most popular blog posts will be from small companies and brands that have a dedicated group of followers. I’ve set myself a goal to work with 50 brands this year and I am grateful for every brand I’ve worked with so far. Currently for the month of March, I’ve already began working with around 10 brands for the month. Excessive? No way! Promotion on social media is priceless and something you might not think much of, may mean a lot to your audience.

You Think Of Your Audience More

Ok, so you’re not going to like everything you receive from brands and I’m sort of creeping past the phase of a beginner blogger working with EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE BRAND GOING. Now, before I decide to work with a brand, I think to myself, will my audience read it? Most of the time it’s a yes but now that I’m starting to define what my blog is, I’m thinking more about my audience than getting a free product. 

Discover Products You Never Thought To Try

The amount of products I’ve received has been ridiculous. I’ve always been a very humble person and I thank my parents for keeping me grounded. When I first discovered Bloggers Required, I didn’t expect any brand to accept my opportunity of working with them. So imagine my surprise, when within a couple of hours of applying, I got a response saying my blog looked great and that they’d like to send me free products to test and review! Discovering new products you may have never thought of using is hugely beneficial for raising the profile of a brand and perhaps creating awareness for your readers.  By encouraging a new product, your audience will hopefully at least take a look at the brand’s website, or even better, buy from it!

Your Writing Improves

The more you write, the more you improve. Now I know, I’m no Queen Bee, when it comes to grammar and spelling. However, working with brands has helped me refine my writing skills to make my blog posts not only more professional but to create a lasting impression with the brand I’m writing about and as an opportunity to impress future brands and companies I may work with. It’s great to look back at the blog posts I wrote when this was a hobby compared to what my blog posts look like now.

Brands Open More Doors For You Than You Thought They Would

It’s true. You have no idea what one brand may have in store for you in the future. I’ve worked with several brands now that I’ve had come back to me, asking to write another blog post for another product they have. I certainly cannot deny that those few companies who have approached me have seen my posts working with brands and have contacted me for that very reason.

There are probably a lot more reasons why working with brands would help your blog, but the main point is to have fun with it. Working with brands will eventually open up more doors and I hope will help out with my acting career. If you want to start a blog then my only advice would be to fully commit yourself to it. Treat it like a full-time job and it will BECOME a full-time job one day.

Thanks for reading!

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