The Choice

It’s another Nicholas Sparks novel I’m afraid. I literally cannot stop raving about this author. I’m determined to read every one of his novels where possible in the library. At the time of writing this book review, I plan to go to library later on to draw out some more books. I’m like a kid waiting for Santa to arrive, I’m that excited to be going.

After reading this book, no word of a lie, I saw the trailer for the film version that’s coming out on March 4th 2016. How strange for me to have just finished the book and then they release the film version. This romantic novel was probably one of my favourites of Nicholas Sparks for it’s not so generic love story. We meet Gabby Holland, a woman who has moved to a small coastal town in Beaufort, to settle down with her long term boyfriend. She falls in love with her neighbour Travis, who just over a weekend, brings out a different side to her, showing her what she’s been missing in her relationship and her life. Fast forward and Travis ends up walking towards a hospital where he has to be a life-changing decision that could end it all.

Now I’ve never cried whilst reading a book, but near the end of this novel, I had genuine tears in my eyes. The story could go either way and Sparks makes the reader wait until the bitter end to find out what happens. This is definitely by far my favourite novel of all those I’ve read and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Nicholas Sparks doesn’t do soppy romance so I’d even recommend it to those who normally steer clear of romantic novels.

I did a little research of how many books Nicholas Sparks has read, so from now on I’ll be keeping a checklist of all those I’ve read. 

The Notebook

Message in a Bottle

A Walk To Remember

The Rescue

A Bend in the Road

Nights in Rodanthe

The Guardian

The Wedding

Three Weeks with My Brother

True Believer

At First Sight

Dear John

The Choice

The Lucky One

The Last Song

Safe Haven

The Best Of Me

The Longest Ride

See Me

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