Ghogy – Twelve Week Trim & Tone Fitness Plan

This week, it seems as though I’m dedicating a little more time to the Health and Fitness section of my blog, which is great because I need it! I’ve been going to the gym for a little under a year now and I absolutely love the results that I’ve achieved so far. However, like most people who regularly go the gym or perhaps have lost weight, the final amount you want to tone or lose is always the hardest. That’s why I’ve asked for help from Ghogy.

‘GHOGY was created to provide customers with an affordable way to access high quality, personalised professional training online.

Personal trainers based in gyms charge on average around £40 per hour, which we know is simply unaffordable for many people. Yet our professional experience has shown us that without a personal trainer to motivate, educate and encourage, customers’ dedication to fitness and lifestyle changes often dwindles over time. At GHOGY, we want to help our customers to achieve and maintain their personal fitness goals and improve their lifestyle at a fraction of the cost normally charged in the personal training market.

Our founder is David Hogan, who has over 11 years’ experience of working in a gym and working as a personal trainer: during that time he has helped countless clients to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. He also holds a Level 4 qualification in Active IQ Advanced Instructor including Nutrition. This combination of experience and expertise led David to establish GHOGY, to provide clients with accessible, achievable online personalised fitness plans.

We take pride in the service we provide. Once your online plan has been formulated, you can access it wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Unlike in a gym, you do not have to wait until your trainer is free.’

The pack usually costs £49.99 but I received this as part of a sponsored post. It’s a twelve week plan that was sent to me via e-mail with a contact for my personal trainer, David. To begin my plan, I’ll be taking a few photos of my body as a starting point for both myself and David to use as part of tracking my results. I will send over images every three to four weeks there after. The plan offers an in depth description of what is expected of me, including a change of eating habits, not a diet but a lifestyle change. That means no more greasy takeaways or fizzy drinks for a while! (sob)

So to keep you guy updated, every month I’ll be telling you how my progress is going, along with Twitter updates via my handle @NatalieAnnxox and my Instagram feed on natalieannnnn_. I have been given a target of three sessions at the gym each week and these include intensive workouts that are focused on the upper body, the abs and the lower body. I’ve started this from Monday 4th April with it ending twelve weeks from then. I’m very excited to get started and show you my progress along the way. Hopefully this plan will put me in good stead for my beach body by the end of August!

To take part along with me, find out more about the plan via their Facebook page.

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