Types Of People You’ll Encounter At The Gym

I’ve got the pleasure of introducing a guest blogger on my site today. Her name’s Amy Mia Goldsmith and she runs a lifestyle blog called beausmithblog. She’s written a number of articles on Femme Fitale Fitness Club and she’s a personal trainer herself, so if anyone knows about this topic, it’s Amy!


So without further ado here is Amy’s ‘Types Of People You’ll Encounter At The Gym’


Every job has its perks, but I have to say that being a professional fitness trainer opens the doors to a whole new dimension of fun. Most of you are probably wondering how a job of a personal trainer can be considered as fun. Well, I am constantly looking for new ways to make my day a bit more interesting and with my clientele this makes the challenge a tad easier. Occasionally I like to imagine myself as the main star of a sitcom, surrounded with a fair amount of quirky characters. And as most of you know, every sitcom with its setting in a gym simply has to have these few individuals:

The Hulk


Always focused around the heaviest weights, wearing a tight athletic shirt and almost always absorbed in his own personal world, this guy is the epitome of masculine. He is that guy that you would want to partner up in a case of a zombie apocalypse as only his facial hair is enough to tell you that he is bound to keep you safe. The strong black strands of hair that are almost ripping apart his drenched-in-sweat shirt are only another indicator of the true alpha male.

The Social Butterfly


The party doesn’t start until she walks in. Simply put the star of the gym, geared up from head to toe in the latest ladies fitness attire, preferably in flashing colors, she is there to remind you that you have friends everywhere. Even at the gym. And even if you do not actually know them. The breathing Facebook page will gladly share what she had for breakfast that morning but will also tell you all about the recent fight with her boyfriend. You actually have to admire her in a way, as she manages to finish her entire workout without stopping to catch a single breath.

The Retired Drill Sergeant Personal Trainer


As for the personal fitness trainer committee, I simply cannot leave out the retired drill sergeant that could make even the incredible hairy hulk burst out in tears. Quite possibly the real life inspiration for the Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket, this character is all about hard work and strict discipline. Basing his training regimes on outdated army techniques, the person who manages to pass his boot camp will surely become the next terminator or perhaps the universal soldier.

The Lurker


You will probably not notice him at first, the second or maybe even the third time, but the lurker is ever-present. Resembling a chameleon, he has the ability to blend in with his surrounding, making it easier to perform his primary function – to observe the other clients. If you do notice him it will never be while doing any kind of training, but more likely searching for the perfect lurking place.

So, do you already have a favourite character? I have to admit that all of them have really gotten under my skin. But I am always confident that the new fitness season means a new plot and most importantly – new and developed characters.

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is a personal trainer from the UK and a fitness trainer. She has a degree in nutrition and her goal is to teach people to live a healthy, happy life. She is a contributor at ripped.me blog.


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