My Bad Beauty Habits

I saw this blog post done a while back and it had me thinking, do I have any bad beauty habits? OH GOD YES. Let me tell you all about it! I do believe some of these can be good for you though.

I only wash my hair once or twice a week.

Woman drying hair

Yes, I am most certainly the type of person who would leave washing their hair for more than a few days and even then when it’s greasy, I’ll just shove some dry shampoo into my hair to avoid washing my hair for another day or two. Call it gross or laziness but I actually think it helps keep your hair in good condition and also helps it to grow. Since getting the charity chop, I noticed that when I straightened it recently, it had grown quite substantially. So there!

And I tend to sleep with wet hair

Woman with wet hairThis one isn’t so good because sleeping with wet hair makes you more likely to get a cold, it will probably cause other problems too and it all boils down to laziness on my part. However, now that I have shorter hair, this shouldn’t be a bad habit now as drying my hair takes minutes rather than hours!

I sometimes sleep in my makeup.

Makeup on model smudging

Ok so this is definitely a bad thing and after reading this article on why you shouldn’t sleep in your make-up(here), it’s only going to happen in extreme situations where I’ve run out of makeup remover or I’m too drunk to find my face.

I’m still biting my nails.

Biting nails

God dang it, I’m meant to have given this up by now as part of my NY Resolution but unfortunately I’m still biting my nails. Yes yes I know the consequences of biting my nails but when you’ve had this habit since you were a child, it can be very hard to break it. I’m determined to make it happen for 2017. I did have a point during the Summer where they’d grown super long but that was due to being on holiday in the sun, where my nails always tend to have a growth spurt.

I usually use make up way past their use by date.

Selection of makeup

I’m such a culprit for this it hurts. I can’t let go of jewellery so I’m pretty sure a lot of my make-up has reached or has exceeded it’s use by date. I just can’t help it. I’d consider myself a bit of a make-up hoarder and with so much of it being costly, it seems ridiculous to throw it out when there’s still plenty of it left. I however tend to draw the line at mascaras as that’s a product used on eyelashes and I’d rather not get any infections, especially as I wear contacts.


Woman popping zits

There, I said it. Yes this is gross but don’t lie and say you’ve never done this too?! There’s nothing more satisfying than popping a whitehead and seeing the contents spew out. I know it sounds so bad but it’s just SO SATISFYING.

I’ve managed to break a couple of bad beauty habits however. First, is making sure I clean my make-up brushes regularly which is so much more hygienic than using using your fingers to apply make-up or using brushes that haven’t been washed in months. Secondly, I’ve established a more solid skincare routine where I’m using more than just my micellar water. Now I’m making sure I apply a face mask every week and exfoliate once or twice a week. I also use jojoba oil on my face every evening before going bed.

What are your bad beauty habits? Let me know in the comments below.

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