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It’s pretty clear to me, that my addiction to lipsticks is becoming apparent. Mainly because I’ve now got a separate make-up bag building of JUST lipsticks. I think a lipstick has become the one thing I can’t go without when applying my make-up. It can add a pop of colour to your look whether it’s for casual day wear or a glam evening do. Without further ado, let me show you what’s currently in my collection.

I spotted this beauty, along with another one (which has gone missing) when the popular Black Friday sale took place. It seems that a lot of clothes stores have released their own line of make-up with some being very good and some being….not so good. The Matte Lipstick in a coral colour is no longer available, due to going off stock but it only cost me a whopping 50p. Bargain! The colour certainly adds a splash of colour and the matte effect creates a different texture to your lips.

This one was brought for me for a job that I did and it’s not necessarily the sort of colour that I’d want to use, however I think mixing it in with a little bit of foundation, might make it a little lighter and less neon pink. Nearly all of these lipsticks are Rimmel and this one in the shade Pink Blush is probably my least favourite.

One of the most recent ones that have been added to my collection. My Auntie brought me this one after showing her another of my lipsticks that she loved! It’s Rimmel and in the shade Amethyst Shimmer which is a deep pink and has a beautiful shimmer to it, adding a little bit of glam to your lips.

Another high street clothes store purchase, from New Look this time. This was the first nude colour I brought in my collection and it’s definitely sparked a nude obsession. It’s in the shade Mink and is a richly moisturising lipstick. This in turn gives a little shine to the lipstick – juicy lips!

Very much a similar shade to the New Look shade, however this one has a slightly pinker tone to it. Again, I love Rimmel lipsticks for their high quality but affordable prices. Even though these are nude colours, they are still very pigmented and stand out on my fair skin. This one is part of the Kate Moss collaboration, shade 14.

This one is a much paler nude but has a high gloss finish when put on the lips. I’m not quite sure of the shade but will be sure to update this when I find it. I love wearing this one as it’s a lot lighter and less heavy than post so it’s a very subtle lipstick. Especially ideal if you’re wanting to go for a smokey eye make-up look.

A daring shade that I brought as a treat one time for myself. I was shopping in Sainsburys and the branch near me has it’s own aisle of Rimmel make-up (totally placed there for me, the Rimmel obsessed make-up lover). This one is called Coffee Shimmer and it’s probably one of my favourites. It doesn’t show as well on the above picture as I’d like it to be but it’s a soft dark brown shade with a shimmer to it, giving it a glam edge.

Probably the most popular Rimmel lipstick, the matte lipstick in the shade Wine (107) is another of my favourites. I love the boldness of this lipstick and the fact that it’s matte too just makes it super sexy. I’m a big fan of the colour red and I’m still not sure why I don’t have more of the red shades from Rimmel

Another one that my Auntie got for me, was from the Kate Moss Nude Collection. This one is in the shade Nude 42. Yes again it’s a nude but this definitely has more pink tones in it and is a really pretty pink nude. I’m pretty sure this will be a favourite for the summer with most of my daily make-up looks.

And finally, but by no means least is this little beauty. If you want to vamp up your style or totally slay the image of pretty in pink, then this is the one for you. I love this shade because of it’s red and purple tones. I find that when I try purple lipsticks that have more blue in them, it makes me look ill and just doesn’t match my skin tone. However this one is perfect and I’ve nearly run out. This is in the shade 04.

And that is all my collection so far. I’m sure I’ll be updating you later this year with an even bigger collection! The obsession continues…

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