Greasy Hair Fix – Hair Braided Headband

Time for another round of the greasy hair! This one I also did after the first tutorial of this instalment. So this hair style is quite similar to the Faux Fringe and I’m a big fan of fake hair braided headbands. I think they’re super cute if you don’t have long enough hair to make it from your own hair. They are also the perfect headwear for the Summer as it gets all the hair around your hairline, out of your face.

So for this hair tutorial you need;

– Hairband

– Two clear elastic bands

– Several hair clips

– Hairband (optional)

Take the top section of your hair and tie it up with a hair band. Make sure you pull the pony tail so that it sits close to the top of your head.

Begin plaiting both sides of the two sections left. For this, try and keep it to a normal plait and that way it will look more effective when its wrapped around your head.

Tie them off with a clear elastic band at the ends, making sure they are both more or less the same in length and shape.

Take one side of the plaits and wrap it over the top, towards the other side and sit it behind your ear, securing it in place with a few hair clips. Do the same with the other plait but place this in front of the other plait, concealing the elastic band and tuck in the end of the plait under the other. Now secure these with as many clips as needed. As my hair is thick and long, I needed plenty!

Finish it off with a headband of your choice if you want it, maybe to add a bit of colour?!

Show off your attempts in the comments below!

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