Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. Now I’ve always had dry and callous skin on the bottom of my feet, for as long as I can remember. I think I get this from my mother’s genes as she suffers with the same problem. I’ve never really looked into anything that may help this issue aside from using a foot file which is the equivalent of a food grater. No thank you!

However when I discovered on BzzAgent that they were offering me the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File (wahh what a mouthful), I decided why not give it a go?

When the package arrived, it came with full instructions for first time users. The foot file is an electronic and easy to use product that fits well into your hand. It’s powered without the use of batteries and simply needs charging up via a small charging port that allows the product to rest on. Now brace yourself kids for the pictures you’re about to see. I apologise profusely and I’m a little embarrassed to show them. However, to really give this product justice, I wanted to include some before and after pictures.

Sweet mother of Mary that’s a nasty foot.
I regret this decision. 

Again, I hope you’re not reading this whilst eating any form of food or sipping on any sort of beverage. Yes I want to vomit a little too but hey we can’t all be perfect! These are the pictures before using the foot file. I never really take care of my feet, i.e. moisturising, even though the skin on your feet is probably what suffers the most out of your body. Using the foot file for the first time was a little daunting but it has two simple settings, one that goes a slow pace and one that goes a little faster. It also recognises that if you push down too hard then it will stop itself. Here are the results after a couple of uses…

Now aside from the fact that the areas in which I have the dry skin, are already yellowed and red, the results from the foot file are very clear. This was also after I used Soap and Glory’s Body Butter as a moisturiser afterwards. The foot file gently buffs away the dead skin (and yes you can actually see it buffing away the skin in the air) to leave your feet feeling super soft and tingly. I think with continued use you could keep the hard skin at bay, although this isn’t a permanent solution. I think hard skin is always going to be an issue, simply because we use our feet all the time (apart from when we’re lazing out on the sofa). However, if you wanted to pamper your feet every now and again, this is the perfect solution. I think this is also a much safer and healthier way of buffing away skin, rather than using a sharp foot grater!

The package comes with the foot file and charging port but it is recommended you purchase replacement file heads once they become worn.

If you want to royally pamper your toots then purchase this little beauty here for £59.99.

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