Hair & Face Favourites

I’ve tried my best to maintain some sort of regime with both my hair and skin in order to keep it the best it can be. Yes, most of the time I fall off the wagon, but at least I’m doing something right?!

Since purchasing the Micellar water, I’ve moved away from cleansing wipes. This is mainly because cleansing wipes either dry out my skin or never get all of the makeup off. I’ve since started using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I brought a small tester version, a travel size from Superdrug as I’d heard plenty about the product but I wanted to test it out myself. 

The water is completely sensitive free and I’ve had no problems using this over my eyes (which is normally the most sensitive part). It also gets all my make-up off with just a few cotton pads and it doesn’t smell weird or dry my skin out after use. You can purchase a full size (400ml) for just £3.29 from Superdrug.


I tend to use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser whenever I feel my skin needs a proper pamper. I usually do this every week or so, when my skin feels dirty. I got this product free after working at an event and it comes with two muslin cloths and a full sized product. You apply the cleanser a little like a face mask but you gently rub it in using circular motions. I tend to keep it on for a couple of minutes before wetting the muslin cloth and wiping off the cleanser. 

My skin is left feeling fresh and more healthier than before. This product is available on the store’s website for £15.50 but can be brought in smaller sizes and is available in most high street beauty stores.


Lush’s Vanishing Cream was a beauty buy when I was working at Lush as a Christmas Temp. I loved working there so much and I was gutted when the Christmas season was over. It comes in a tub form even though I’d prefer pump as it’s much easier to apply with. The cream is made up of natural ingredients including rose water, honey and Fairtrade Shea Butter, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

I chose this one in particular because it’s light and therefore seeps into the skin pretty quickly. It’s a little more pricey than most moisturisers, but you’re paying for the natural ingredients and they aren’t always cheap to source. The vanishing cream can be purchased in store or online for £18.95.


And finally for my hair, I’m a big fan of the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil. Coconut oil is simply one of the best ingredients that you can use for not only your hair, but for your skin and even your teeth! I apply this to my hair, every time I wash it (which is every three or so days depending on how greasy it gets). 

I’ve always been like this when it comes to washing my hair and it’s probably one of the reasons why it’s so long. I apply it when it’s wet and it leaves my hair feeling super soft, shiny and full of life! It also smells incredible. It’s available for £9.99 but used to be available for around £3.99. I’m guessing it was very popular for the price increase!


Let me know what your favourites are in the comments below.




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