Gin Festival 2017

Whilst many are attending music festivals this Summer, I have been going to all of the alcohol festivals. First, it was the Beer Festival early this month and just recently, I attended the Gin Festival, another annual event that took place at the Tobacco Dock. The Gin Festival travels all over the country and pretty much sells out every time.


The Tobacco Dock is a grade 1 listed warehouse in the Docklands area of East London. Constructed in 1811, the warehouse was originally used as a store for imported tobacco. The warehouse is huge, with various sized spaces that would be great for weddings, corporate events, and office spaces.

Tobacco Dock Sign

Gin Cocktails Sign

The Dock

The Gin Festival has been established since 2013 and it’s sold out events, clearly show its popularity. One of the things we noticed about the venue was that so much more of it could have been used but at the same time, I bet this venue is pretty pricey to hire out fully.


We were ushered to the press area where we received our goblet glasses, a handy guide book of all the gins available and our voucher to exchange for drinks tokens. The Gin Festival very kindly gave us a generous amount of tokens free of charge which certainly saved us a lot of money that night!

Gin Goblet

Sam and Katie

Gin Cocktails

Katie and Sam on dock

We started off in ‘The Brands‘ area which held a selection of gin brands where you could taste the gin via a shot glass. This may have been a rookie mistake as we tasted a lot of gins within a short space of time and with very little tonic to accompany it.


After collectively agreeing to move on from these areas, we headed over to the Gin Cocktail stand where we were happily served three cocktails by the bartender. Myself and Katie went for a Tipsy Rocket which was a cocktail with both gin and prosecco in whilst Sam went for one that he definitely did not like. I also want to point out that the festival is very generous with its servings of gin…very generous.


Natalie and Katie

The festival soon filled up as we made our way across the venue to pick up some much needed street food. We then headed into the main space where there was music playing and SO MUCH GIN TO TRY. We also bumped into a friend from our university days which is so bizarre when you are in the middle of London.

The event was partnered with Fever Tree, which has quickly become mine and Sam’s favourite tonic for gin. The tonics were all free to use so you were able to add as much tonic to your gin as you’d like.

Group of friends

Strawberries and Cream Cocktail

Crowd at Gin Festival

Some of our favourites from all the gin we tried were Zymurgorium Sweet Violet, which had an incredible parma violets flavour and is actually a gin made by a good friend of ours. Another favourite was the Poetic License Strawberries and Cream Picnic Gin. This one was certainly the taste of Summer.


We were there for the first night of the festival and we left around 15-20 minutes before the evening ended at 11pm. At this point we were all gin’d out and very thirsty for some good old water.

Fever Tree

Fever Tree Tonics

Tonic pouring into goblet

Sam with goblets

I’d like to thank the Gin Festival for having us along. We will definitely be back next year.


Have you ever been to the Gin Festival before? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was invited along to this as press in return for a review of the event. All words are my own.

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