David Bowie – The Legend


David Bowie was one of those singers that created such incredible music but for me, Bowie was very much prominent from the 70s onwards and I didn’t really know much about the man. 2016 has been the year of some famous faces disappearing from our world and it’s incredibly sad to know that we will never get to hear more music from this music legend. He kept his illness hidden right until the end which is both brave but it also shocked so many people worldwide. 

When I received an e-mail regarding this photography book, I definitely thought it would be right to dedicate a blog post that would celebrate Bowie as an artist and include some never-before-seen photographs of the musician.

This 45cm by 30cm book with it’s full bleed over 20 pages of magnificient images have been produced in Black and White Duotone. Sporting a front cover of Galerie Art Gloss, the book is laminated with 350 gram paper, whilst the inner pages of text are laid out on 300 grams of Galerie Art Gloss Paper. Each copy is hand signed by the author/photographer Michel Haddi, shrink-wrapped and numbered from 1-500. The book is beautifully designed by the creative director, Roberto Da Pozzo. The cost of this unique collection is £300, not including postage.

It’s a simply unique collector’s edition that I’m sure some David Bowie fans would splurge on.

Michel Haddi the photographer, has worked for more than 20 years as one of the leading fashion photographers in the business. Some of editorial collaborations have been; Italian Vogue, Italian Glamour, Uomo Vogue, French Vogue, British Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair and lots more! For more information on Haddi and his work, click here

Haddi, recalls the time when this photoshoot took place,

‘…Anyway, I am with the production team, that includes Paul Starr for make-up and Kim Bowen for styling at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverley Hills. An hour later, I see a man in a sharp suit, it is David Bowie.

The most unnerving thing while photographing Bowie was his high intensity of looking, his eyes with those hypnotic dual colours felt like he was looking right through me’

For more details on the story click here. This is certainly a special edition and it’s a fitting tribute to the great David Bowie.

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