Fitness Tips For 2017

I know, I know…thinking of doing exercise after the Christmas food binge does feel like an impossible task but working out can help to pull you out of that sluggish feeling, so you feel prepared for 2017. I’ve been working on my New Years Resolution bucket list and I’ve made an important point to work on feeling more healthy. Over the past few months I’ve suffered with low energy which I think comes from the late nights and actually not going to the gym. I always find a good workout sessions makes me feel so much better! So here’s a few fitness tips to help you ease into 2017.

Don’t Overdo It

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The worst thing you could do after avoiding the gym during Christmas is to go back and as my housemate would say ‘go balls to the walls‘. HA! What I’ve learnt from working out with Sean (my housemate) is to separate the workout. For the first session back, I’d try an ab focused work out and something cardio related which can be running on the treadmill, cycling or rowing. The stair stepper is also a great one to use! By taking it slowly and easing yourself in means that you won’t burn yourself out and lose the motivation to go back again. However, listen to your body – you may be a regular gym goer, so do as much as you can without overdoing it!

Warm Up

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I still fall victim to this, normally when I’m on my own in the gym in that I don’t warm up properly. Warming up is definitely important to the whole work out process as it loosens up the muscles and get’s them ready for whatever exercise you’re doing. It also avoids any injuries and strain that you’ll be putting on your body, in order to reduce the post workout muscle ache! However I think leg day is the only workout where I’m always overworking the muscles and therefore am unable to do anything with my legs for the next 3 days…

Spend More Than 20 Minutes Working Out

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Gym memberships can be very expensive and for anyone who regularly goes the gym, January is the month where EVERYONE gets a gym membership in order to stick to their New Years Resolution. Most of the time it never lasts but when you do end up doing a workout, whether it’s in a gym, at home or outside – spend more than 20 minutes exercising. I believe 20 minutes is the point at which you actually start burning calories so on average I spend around an hour or so working out. It is a hard task but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel so much better than just doing a very quick and lacklustre session.

Adapt Your Eating Habits


Unfortunately, just working out isn’t enough if you are looking to tone up or lose weight. It’s important to also adapt your eating habits. If you aren’t eating in moderation and consuming just junk food, no matter how much you work out, you’ll probably still feel sluggish and won’t have the same energy as you would to work out if you ate well. Start by moderating the amount of food you are eating and then cut it down if you find yourself overloading your plate. It’s more to do with moderation than anything. Also eating foods rich in energy and protein will help perk up your energy levels, increasing the motivation we all need to get off our butts and work out.

Give Yourself Praise

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Doing exercise, especially after the festive period is tough enough, without the hassle you end up giving yourself. If it’s your first time working out, don’t be disheartened if you don’t start seeing results. It takes time and more importantly, you need to do it at your own pace. Comparing yourself to others isn’t what you want from this. Feeling healthier, fitter and doing it in your own time is what will help you reach your desired results.

Are you planning on hitting the gym for 2017? Let me know in the comments below.

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