How to: Brown Smokey Eyes

Brown Smokey eyes are my makeup go-to most days, so it only seemed right that I showed you guys one of my staple make-up looks. The Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless is the current eye shadow palette that I’m using at the moment and as you can tell from the photo below, you can see that I’ve almost brushed my way through most of the lighter shades. They are the perfect tones for my pale skin (above photo shows me with my post holiday tan) and they are a great base for my eye shadow.

Now normally, I don’t have one of these funny stickers on when applying my make-up during the week, but when I’m going to an event, have something planned in the evening or at the weekend, I tend to use these little sticky tabs to give more definition to my eyeshadow. You’ve probably seen plenty of varying methods but anything with a straight edge is fine (I’ve seen people use knives before in videos…wtf?)

I firstly the base coat to the lid and half way above the lid with the shade Almost There. I tend to use my Real Techniques Starter Set, using the base shadow brush which has a soft tapered cut and allows the eyeshadow to spread evenly onto the lid. I then go in with my deluxe crease brush to blend in the eyeshadow as there’s nothing worse than that harsh line that draws all the wrong attention! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Once blended I’ll then go in with some shading on the inner part of my eyelid, using a mixture of Golden Night and Medal. The palette comes with a mix of matte and glitter options and these two are just dazzling! I love how subtle yet dynamic these look and they are both easily blendable.

After blending this into the base shade, I use my No7 Eye Contour brush that I got in a Christmas set last year. This is one of my favourite brushes as it’s cut to an angle that perfectly gets into the crease of your eyelid. I tend to use either Smudge for this or the one below which you can just about see in the palette snapshot at the beginning of this blog, called Pure Chocolate. I love using these shades on the outer part of my eye, blending into the crease and down to the outer corner of my eye. Every time I peel back the sticky tab, I’m left beaming at the sharpness it creates. I do however tend to blend this out slightly and define with a little concealer.

And there you have it! Very simple but I’m always surprised by the amount of compliments I get from such simple eye makeup. Whenever I’m feeling a little more daring I try and add a bit of liquid eyeliner here and there to make them more dynamic.

What’s your go to look when applying eye make-up?

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