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Nowadays in London, more and more of us are after quicker ways to indulge ourselves. Whether it be a lunchtime blow dry, manicure or even a bit of laser treatment. Businesses are now having to change with the times and become even more flexible with their hours. I went to the opening of the Pulse Light Clinic near Goodge Street the other day after spotting it online. Pulse Light Clinic‘s new opening is the second one to pop up in London. They provide a range of laser based treatments including tattoo removal, hair removal and skin repairing.

Now I know a little bit about this industry as I’ve worked at a few beauty shows and conventions over the past few months, so it was great to go along with a bit of knowledge of how it all works. Toni, the organiser of the event was incredibly welcoming (as I was embarrassingly the first one there – what happened to being fashionably late?!). There was a gorgeous spread laid out for us to keep us satisfied and it certainly helped as an icebreaker for myself and the rest of the bloggers.

I was given a little tour around their new space which was on the ground floor of the building, a stone’s throw away from Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road Station. There are a few treatment rooms, all very sterile with a white interior from ceiling to floor. It should feel like you’re in a hospital but it actually feels a lot more intimate than I thought it would. I was immediately given the opportunity to get a patch test if I wanted and I love going the extra mile for my readers, so I thought why not?!

The room I went in was quite clinical but still had that relaxed atmosphere running through. Natasha was one of the staff who assisted with my patch test and gave me a great extensive knowledge in how the laser works. My pain threshold is severely low because hey I’m a wuss. However, after being reassured by Natasha, I decided to go ahead with an Upper Lip treatment. I’ve always been conscious of my upper lip hair, made worse by the fact that I’m so dark haired. I’ve noticed it more recently in modelling photos so what better way than to try and get rid of it here. Natasha recommended that laser treatment is by far the best way of getting rid of facial hair out of waxing and bleaching. Laser treatment is a more permanent solution than the other alternatives.

The pain was completely bearable and felt like mini pin pricks in the skin. However, it’s only the laser that’s being used and nothing else. It uses a high concentrated beam of light so that when it hits the skin, it blasts away the hair follicle. That blast is the feeling of your skin being pricked by a needle. A weird sensation at first but comfortable enough. After the treatment I noticed a big difference to one side of my upper lip and I was in and out of that room within a few minutes (excluding the time taken to ask questions and fill out the form). The patch test is taken as a legal requirement to check that the patient doesn’t react badly to the treatment. A course of 6-8 treatments is needed to permanently remove the hairs on the upper lip and these range between £65 for a single, £177 for a pack of 6 and £210 for a pack of 8. These prices are definitely great value for money when you think how much you’d have to spend on waxing or bleaching for the rest of your life. And the only way that it might come back is through being pregnant or having a major shift in your hormones.

After having my treatment, I spoke to Jonathan Hunt, the Regional Manager of Syneron Candela. He gave me some really great in depth knowledge of using lasers and how the latest machines have been developed. Laser removal has been around since the 1960s but were a lot more time consuming and painful than they are now. Before today’s technology, a lot of tattoo removal treatments could only get rid of black and blue. However this technology, that’s used in the military offers a lot less down time, is more comfortable and cuts down the removal process drastically.

Although they cannot guarantee that they’ll fully remove the tattoo as each person’s skin and tattoo is different, however it shows just how long they’ve come over the last 12 months. Especially when I was a child, if you got a tattoo, there wouldn’t be much out there available to remove it! I asked him what sort of demographic do they get through their doors and it seems that people from all walks of life are after this treatment. Whether it be tattoo fanatics who want to free up space for new art or a drunken mistake in Ibiza, clients are queuing up to get this latest tattoo removal treatment.

The price of the treatment varies depending on the size of the tattoo etc but prices start from £199, which is pretty reasonable compared to what it was probably like five or ten years ago.

Before I left the clinic, I was offered a free treatment for my upper lip which I shall be attending today! Be sure to look out for a review on my treatment too over the next couple of weeks!

If you’d like more information on the clinic and all it’s treatments, including the cost and process then check out their website here.

Disclaimer – I was invited along to this event for free in return for my own honest opinion.

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