Ghogy The Online Personal Trainer – Week One

So last week you may have seen my post on Ghogy, if not then click here. Now I must admit that I’m already struggling but I do have parts of this that I am trying to maintain. Motivation is definitely hard to come by, especially with a hectic schedule like mine. It also doesn’t help that my gym is a 20 minute walk away from my house, quashing any motivation to actually go the gym – never mind doing a work out as well. I’ve still not sent my measurements to my personal trainer which isn’t helpful because I can’t keep track of what I’m losing or toning up. However, I’m going to really try this week and next to get a few sessions in at the gym.

I recently read one of Ghogy‘s blog posts here to help motivate me some more. Now I want to admit that food is indeed my biggest weakness. If I do a work out, I feel incredibly hungry afterwards and I have to find food that is going to sustain my hunger for longer, else I snack way too much.

One of the things I’ve really found useful with the personal plan is the meal suggestions. I’ve implemented a lot of eggs and rice into my healthy eating and I’ve started trying out some new recipes including a Chicken and Butter bean stew! I’ve also started eating a lot more fish like Salmon and even Turkey steaks which are meant to be more healthier for you. The main struggle for me with this plan, is the workouts at the gym. I’m more than capable of actually doing the workouts, however due to time restrictions (and lack of motivation), I’ve not been to the gym in over a week. Nevertheless I’m going to persevere and keep trying.

I’ve probably not dedicated myself to this plan as much as I’ve wanted to do but sometimes life gets in the way, especially as it’s London and there’s always opportunities to over indulge on food or alcohol. I think this plan would be a lot more beneficial if I had a stable job and a more relaxed social life.

Next week I’ll be increasing my workouts and trying to cut out as much junk as I can possibly from my daily intake.

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