The Other Kingdom

Nickelodeon is bringing together a world of mythical creatures, magical beings and high school teens with the premiere of The Other Kingdom. The live series broadcasted on Monday 8th August at 6.30pm. It follows the journey of Fairy Princess Astral, who has chosen between being a fairy princess or becoming human, as she is set to inherit the crown of her royal kingdom of Anthenia. The Other Kingdom airs weekdays at 6.30pm.

Nickelodeon sent me the most beautiful box of goodies to unbox and just look at the packaging it came in.

Like how cute is this?!

When I un-opened the box, I did squeal a little bit with delight as it contained the materials to ‘attempt‘ to turn me into a Princess Fairy myself. All I needed to finish the outfit were some fairy wings!

Now normally, I’m pretty average outfit. I know, I totally believe in myself.

This photo opportunity that I gave myself was x10 harder because my phone’s camera is currently being used, as my Olympus has been sent off to be fixed (boohoo), so I’m pretty happy with the quality of how they came out. I used the one of the two big pieces of fluorescent material to make a bralette and wrapped the ribbon around my bra straps to cover up the black as much as possible. I applied what should have been the face art to the right side of my chest (because hey, face art ain’t just for your face). I applied some pink sequins to the right eye, just underneath to give it some SPARKLE!

For the lower part, I wore shorts and wrapped the material around. At this point, I was giving up trying to make it work. I loved the Amethyst pendant that was also sent alongside the accessories, it totally made me feel like I had magic powers. #agirlcandream

Either way I think I’ve done a pretty good job with what I was given and I’m just waiting for Nickelodeon to ring me up and ask me to be part of the cast because I’m slaying this look. NOT 🙂

Make sure you check out The Other Kingdom on Nickelodeon, weekdays at 6.30pm!

Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in exchange for promotion of the show.

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