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I have to be honest with Topshop. I avoided them during my teenage years because for me, I always knew I could find a similar top or skirt in Primark for a fraction of the price. But as I grew up and starting earning the dollar, my feet started taking me into Topshop and I began to realise that paying more, does often mean that the quality in the product is better.

Topshop FashionQuality over quantity is something that I’m now carrying through when it comes to all aspects of my life. From the furniture we buy for our flat to the type of makeup I buy, I’d rather have something that works and lasts for a long time.

Office wear is something that I’ve been lacking in over the past six months and as my fashion styles gets better, I’ve allowed myself to spend a little more on my wardrobe. I’m long overdue a clear out but I did do a little when we moved to our new flat. I had noticed that some items of clothing were just not being worn and instead of bringing them with me, I gave it to charity.

Topshop BlouseI think we often buy things for the sake of buying it or we buy something in the moment that deep down we know, we’re never going to wear. And for me, that’s just a waste. As we shopped around Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush (which is now my new favourite shopping outlet), one of the last places we found ourselves in was Topshop.

I immediately spotted this black, white and yellow checkered school skirt that made me think of that Iggy Azalea’s Fancy music video. Almost immediately after, I found the cropped top with pretty much the exact same buttons in a Size 10. Now I hesitated at this point because I though a Size 10 would never fit me but I decided to try it on just in case. The problem I normally find with a smaller top size is that my chest just isn’t catered for but surprisingly the top fitted perfectly.

Topshop Buttoned SkirtI feel as though this top and skirt were made for each other as they compliment each other very well. I loved the shape of the skirt and how it’s tailored to my figure. This outfit definitely makes me ooze confidence, especially with my recent weight loss.

The Petite Asymmetric Blouse (I know, petite?!) is £29.00 and the Textured Checked Button Skirt is now reduced at £25.00. For me, this is the perfect ensemble for Summer office wear, the top is a light cotton and the skirt isn’t too thick but heavy enough that you don’t get a Marilyn Monroe moment every time a gust of wind comes by.

Topshop ClothingTopshopI’m definitely going to be shopping in Topshop more often now because I’m in love with the styles that they produce and most importantly, it’s great quality clothing.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

Topshop Office Wear


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