Pandora – Spring ’16 Collection

I’ve always wanted a Pandora Charm Bracelet ever since the brand made it’s way over to the UK in 2003 which was nearing the end of my high school years. So typically, everyone had one. When I finally got one for my 21st, I was extremely grateful and it was a piece of jewellery that I’d wanted for a long time. 

Now can you imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to actually work with Pandora on a blog post. WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE! Pandora has released it’s Spring ’16 Collection to the jewellery world and I got to pick one of the pieces to review. The collection contains an assortments of rings, earrings and charms. They all have a baby pink/purple colour theme running throughout. As it’s my mum’s 50th birthday in September, I thought I’d treat my mum to the September Birth Stone, which came in a beautiful heart shaped charm and a sapphire centred stone.

Receiving the iconic Pandora bag was very exciting and it all came packaged very well. The charm itself is beautiful and I’m pretty certain my mum will love it as an new addition on her bracelet. The cost of the charm is £35, which sits around the average of most Pandora charms. The gift bag came with a ring sizer, which is extremely handy as I’m always stumped whenever I try on rings as to what size each finger is.

This is the perfect give for someone who owns a charm bracelet. It’s a lot more personal as there’s a stone available for each month of the year and it also adds a splash of colour to the bracelet! The whole collection is available to view here and the prices range from £30£299.99

Also be sure to check out the Gift & Wrap website here, where there’s an array of brands available for you to peruse. 

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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