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Spring is finally around the corner which only means one thing, the hunt for the perfect Summer dress is on. Every year the trends change in the fashion world and because of this we often end up trying to find a new piece each season for our wardrobe.

Corset DressThis season will be no different than the rest, however you could escape the trends and instead find the best dress for your body shape, skin tone and hair colour. It will be a timeless piece you can have in your collection for years and always go back to.



A-line dresses are a flattering shape on most people and they are a timeless style which can always be great in each season.

Whether you are body confident or more self conscious about your shape, this is the perfect style to choose for your summer dress because it fits in at the waist and flows out over the legs. It is comfortable, versatile and fit for any occasion.


Shift dresses are a simple style which are usually sleeveless and consist of a straight fit and straight neckline. These style of dresses are great for people who are a little uncomfortable with their waistline or stomach because it doesn’t fit at the waist and therefore leaves you concealed and comfortable throughout the day.

However if you have a larger bust this style may not suit your shape, so make sure you try it on before you buy.


The ultimate summer dress style these days seems to be the maxi dress. You can get a maxi dress to fit your curves or have it flowy and light, and either way it will be the perfect summer style to add to your wardrobe.

If you are a little shorter though you may struggle finding a maxi dress to suit you, so perhaps opt for one that finishes at the ankles to avoid looking like you’re drowning in fabric.


A shirt dress is a simple style which can pretty much fit any occasion. Whether you are in the office for a business meeting or with your friends at the beach.

In the summer time, this style of dress is ideal for most body shapes and gives you breathable fabric and a loose fit. You can either get this as a mini dress or as a longer midi dress to suit your taste.



A sheath dress is one of the universally flattering dresses which is ideal for anyone. It fits in at the waist and then flows out to form a very stunning and simple look. They come in lots of different materials and you can see colourful sundress collections which can pretty much suit anybody.

Floral Dress


Once you have figured out the type of dress you want to buy for the summer, you are going to need to look at what colour to buy for your skin tone and hair colour. During the summer we are met with a full rainbow of colours which can suit anyone, you just need to weave through these colours to find the one which will suit you the best.

Blondes – if you have blonde hair you can get away with many of the bright and vibrant colours you see at this time of the year. Bright pink, yellow, orange and blue will compliment your hair and skin perfectly during the summer months. Site is also a great option for you.

Brunettes – you have the most universally suited hair colour and you will struggle to find a colour you don’t look good in. The trick here is to test out different colours and don’t be afraid to go a little bit risky if you want to. You will suit anything from bright purple to soft peach on your skin.

Redhead – redheads can be a little more tricky to buy for, but for the most part it is a case of finding colours which either compliment your red hair or contrast it without washing out your skin. Yellow is a big no no because it can wash out your skin and make you look ill. Soft pastel shade are ideal for you at this time of year as well as bright red to match your hair or green to contrast.



The most important thing to consider when you want to pick out a summer dress is the comfort it will bring you throughout the summer days. During the summer we often get more irritable than in the winter because we are sweating and our bodies are expanding from the heat.

To avoid feeling uncomfortable all day long you need to find a dress which is soft and which is breathable on your skin.

The main question you will want to be asking yourself is how much activity will you be doing during the day as you wear your dress. If you are sitting at your desk all day working then you may not need to worry so much about how moveable the dress is for you. However if you plan on being out at the beach or walking around all day long you will want to look for a style of dress which is loose around the legs and allows for a lot of movement.



The last thing to think about when choosing your perfect summer dress is pattern. Some people love to flaunt a bold floral pattern, while others prefer to stick to plain colours. It is totally up to you what style you choose, but if you are a larger size you may not suit wearing a bold pattern, and will be better having block colours which pull you in at the waist.

If you feel a little bolder you can always flaunt a style which uses metallic print along with bold lines and pattern. This will give you an edgy and sophisticated look which will make you stand out from the crowd, and you will certainly make a great fashion statement!

Have you found your Summer dress yet? Let me know in the comments below.


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