10 Places To Visit In London!

Thinking of taking a trip down to London soon? Here’s 10 places I’ve found whilst living in London, that you just have to go and visit.


1. The Shard


Spot the little London Eye?

You may be thinking that the London Eye is the best place to see London but to be honest, The Shard viewing point is SO much better. I visited it during the day with Sam’s parents but I’d be keen to go back in the evening as I’m sure the city’s landscape would be even more stunning! Prices vary from £24.95-£40.95 depending on ticket type.


2. London Charing Cross Theatre


They even roll out the red carpet for you!

I’m due to go to this theatre on Saturday so I can’t actually confirm what the theatre itself looks like. I have however, experienced the bar area which is open every night until 2.30am. Last night, when writing this blog, myself and Sam went to watch the piano session where the pianist was literally a jukebox for playing any songs the audience wanted.


3. The Harp


A floral collection of beer badges..

The tiniest of pubs but boy if you are after good ale and cider, this is the place to go. However, nine times out of ten expect to be drinking outside..on the pavement…in the cold. It’s worth it though!


4. My Old Dutch



A pancake and waffle house, this is a place I’ve mentioned before on my blog. Massive pancakes that are a meal in themselves and they are great value for money. Oh and there Oreo milkshakes are just EVERYTHING.


5. Phoenix Artist Club



I’m realising this is quickly becoming places of drinking in London. Phoenix Artist Club is a swanky modest bar that oozes a theatrical atmosphere. That’s probably because it’s mainly full of performers. They have regular sing along nights, so it’s a great place to get your karaoke lungs going!


6. Primrose Hill



I haven’t yet been to the top of Primrose Hill which apparently boasts an impressive panoramic view of all of London but I have however, visited the lower regions with my parents over a couple of sandwiches, crisps and a can of Fosters. You can take a girl out of Stoke, but you can’t take the Stokie out of a girl!


7. London Cocktail Club


Yep I’m back to the alcohol. London Cocktail Club have venues all over London and they are normally tucked away, a little out of sight. Go here if you want some expensive but cool looking cocktails, like the Heisenberg. 


8. Regents Park


A beautiful park I only discovered yesterday whilst attending an audition. Stunning grounds that are amplified on a nice crisp, cold day. Be sure to take your stale and unwanted bread for the millions of different birds residing here.


9. Cutty Sark



Home to the Cutty Sark ship, one of the most famous ships due to it being one of the last British clipper ships to be made and one of the fastest at that. A grand spectacle that can be viewed both inside and out! I’ve yet to go on it but I’ve passed it one or two times and it is stunning! Open daily from 10am, prices vary from £8.50-£43 depending on ticket type.


10. Borough Market



Another place I’ve only walked through but if your looking for your local market but on a bigger scale – this is it! So much variety and at the end of the day it’s all fresh.


Make sure you jot these into your itinerary when you visit London!


Natalie-Ann x


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