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Instagram is a gold mine for discovering the new and innovative. I love screenshotting brands that I feel I’d like to work with in the near or distant future on my blog. I specifically look for brands that I’d suit and that you my readers would be interested in learning about. I’m constantly on the look out so make sure you let me know in the comments below what you’d like me to feature on my blog.

Introducing Crystal Collagen Gold Masks! Part of my Ebay haul and yes there have been a lot of reviews from the haul this week. These include the lip peels (god no) and the beauty storage organiser.  They are mostly made popular by the brand Ms.Soho but I doubt these are this brand as there’s no labelling on the back of them. However, they do share the same purpose. I brought two pieces of each that seem cheap but could become pretty pricey if you’d plan to use these a lot.

The lip masks on Ebay range from 99p for one to £11.39 for 15. The undereye masks are the same. They also do a full face and neck mask. Suffice to say I looked pretty stupid with these things under my eyes on my lips. The masks are cool and slime like in consistency but are still firm enough to not rip. I was very excited to use the under eye masks because I think my skin can sometimes lack a bit of life, especially under the eyes. You are meant to leave the masks on for 20 minutes and they semi stick to your skin.

The lip mask was the one where you actually felt a reaction to the mask. After around 10 minutes, my lips went slightly numb and tingly. It was neither uncomfortable or had me wanting to remove the mask. It’s best to keep your lips closed otherwise you’ll end up dribbling down your face. Like I definitely did not do…

I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed a massive difference to my lips but I did notice a slight difference to the plumpness of my lips on the second use of the mask. If you look closely at the first and last photo, you can see the creases in my lips are more filled out. I also used the second lot of under eye masks and my skin appears a lot more refreshed and glowing than before I used the masks.

These products are definitely worth a try but I wouldn’t use them every day as it would just get too costly. Instead I’d recommend to use these perhaps when you have a big event/party that you are attending and therefore want to push the boat out a little by pampering yourself for a few days prior.

Take a look at the products here and the branded ones from Ms.Soho here.

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