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Introducing guest blogger Tiffany Eagle to the mix. Tiffany is a writer by profession but has a passion for blogging. I love using my blog as a platform to allow other bloggers to show off their work. Who knows what they might produce? It could be something you, my reader, would appreciate! This article is all about Cocktail dresses and picking the right one as a gift. 

Are you in search of a unique gift for your loved one? In case, yes is that you have answered then cocktail dresses are very popular today and known to be one best gift for a woman. These are basically the evening dresses and you should have one in your wardrobe. Right from having plush colors, to unique designs, cocktail dresses are one of the most desired party wears that every woman tries to have once in her lifetime.

  • You might be thinking that where can the cocktail dresses be worn in case you have no cocktails to attend. The fact is that any party or function that you have to attend in the evening, this dress can be worn.

  • There are a number of events that you would have to attend in the evening; this type is the right one particularly for the special occasions. They can be worn during birthdays or in anniversaries, and the dresses can be chosen according to figure type and skin color of a woman.

Plan your budget and know about the choice of the person for whom you are buying the dress:

The evening dresses are available in a number of designs, styles, colors and fabrics. Before you go to buy the dress, consider the likes of the person you are planning to gift to and your budget. Also, know in detail about the right cocktail dresses. Considering the material, colors and design, there are a number of types of dresses available. Know about all the types and then make the purchase depending on the body shape such as hourglass, pear shaped, inverted triangle, apple shaped and boyish shaped. 

3 most popular varieties of cocktail dresses that are available:

#1. Sexy Cocktail Dress:

Every woman would like to own a sexy cocktail dress. One thing you need to consider is that there is a thin line between sexy and trashy. The best way to look sexy in a dress is to flaunt your assets. Depending on the figure of the person you wish to gift the dress to, choose a sexy dress like a short one, off-shoulder or backless dress. Just make certain that you do not go for an extremely sexy one as it might look cheap sometimes.

#2. Maternity cocktail dress:

Gone are those days of wearing not so cool and extremely flowy clothes with the baby bump. There are evening dresses made especially for all the mothers to be. In case the one you are gifting is soon going to be a mother, then there is nothing better than this option. You might have to put in some extra time to search for the maternity cocktail dresses that are just as you want. Even if looking out for one takes some time, it is definitely worth it. Buy the dress during a specific trimester so that it fits the lady perfectly and she can flaunt her baby bump.

#3. Plus size cocktail dress:

Are you gifting a dress to a plus size woman? Do not worry as there are a number of options available in the market today. Just like the maternity dress, you might have to put in some more time finding the right one. No matter what your size your figure is, you certainly have cocktail dresses.

Everyone has a different figure, thus, buy a dress that covers the areas that you are not very comfortable showing off. For example, in case the person has nice legs, then a short dress would be great. For more information and to get the right selection, you can also talk to local dress designers, tailors, boutique professionals or else, you can also choose the right cut, design and color from the online portals. 

Thanks Tiffany for such an interesting read. Be sure to look out for her in the future!

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