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You may have seen on my blog last week, if not click here. I attended Zara Taylor’s private boutique jewellery event, showcasing her latest collection. The shop was full of passion and inspiration from Zara’s own personality and the jewellery was beautifully handcrafted and sold for such a low price.

I wanted to make two blogs because the previous one just had way too many photos and these pieces definitely deserved a blog of their own. As with many blogger events, you get the extra little perk of a goodie bag. I was surprised to see so many items!

The first I opened was the Peace and Love Long Chain Pendant, which you can see on the picture above on the right. This a light chain with a semi-light heart shaped pendent and it adds that little bit of bling to an otherwise casual outfit. The silver looks as if it’s been battered but I feel that gives more depth and makes it appear different than others that are similar.

I received the ring version of the Peace and Love necklace and a diamond shaped ring in gold. Both rings look gorgeous on my hands. When I was younger I didn’t think my hands would suit rings but I’m actually happy that my bitten finger nails are slowly becoming ‘on fleeeeeeeeek‘.

And lastly I received an array of colours in the Peace Stud earrings. I love that the colours can be worn all year round with the black and white suiting winter and the orange and turquoise suiting my summer holidays!

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