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Facial hair has always been something I’ve been conscious of and this has probably been since my high school years. Unfortunately having such naturally dark hair and pale skin, means any sort of facial hair is going to be visible. No one every really mentioned it to me that it was noticeable (except my wonderful siblings) however I felt it was something that was pretty visible.

Before and after photos

With over 15 years of expertise in the industry, Pulse Light Clinic was founded in 2000 and has the latest innovation in the laser industry. These include treatments such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, rosacea treatments, anti-aging, stretch mark removal, acne scar removal plus many more. I’ve now had four treatments on my upper lip and it’s great to see the fantastic results. I noticed that the hair has been coming back so fine, that it’s not even noticeable anymore.

I could probably get away with no longer getting more treatments. However, I think I’ll get the final 4-6 treatments to finish off the process and remove the facial hair completely. The only way it could come back is through pregnancy or unbalanced hormones. 

The staff at the Pulse Light Clinic on Goodge Street have been super helpful both during and after the treatments. The cost of the treatments vary depending on which area of hair you’re removing and how many treatments you require. Depending on how pigmented the hair is, depends on how many treatments you have in the package.

If you’re conscious of facial hair and are seriously exploring the options, then please check this company out here. They are just based in London, however for such an incredible treatment, it’s worth the travel!

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