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So you may have seen my recent post on the opening of a clinic called Pulse Light Clinic. It’s their second clinic that has opened in London and if you haven’t seen this post already, then give it a read here.

I went back recently, after they offered me a course of four treatments for me, as a blogger. When I attended the opening, I had a patch test which is required by law, to make sure that my skin didn’t react to the laser. It was a nerve wracking experience as I have a low pain threshold and didn’t know what to expect, but thankfully it was more than bearable. I had a patch test on the upper lip as that is where I find myself being the most conscious about. I’m not particularly fussed at the moment to treat either my legs or underarms, not just because it’s apparently a little more uncomfortable but I’m not financially in the position to get the treatments done. The course of six-eight treatments on the upper lip is £177 for six or £210 for eight. As far as I can gather, depending on the hair follicles and how pigmented they are, six may be enough or it may need the full eight to get rid of the hairs altogether.

This is what the hairs on my upper lip looked like before I had the treatment. The recent blog post on my favourite lipsticks was where I really noticed up close how prominent the hairs were…

And this is what it looked like after the treatment. I was incredibly impressed with the results of just the one treatment and seeing such a dramatic improvement.

The treatment this time round was slightly more uncomfortable due to practitioner turning up the laser slightly. However, the pain was even then hardly noticeable and after seeing the results of the first treatment, I am more than happy being uncomfortable for a few minutes. The overall consultation and treatment took 5-10 minutes, which gives the working Londoner time to have the treatment in their lunch break if required!

I’m going back in four weeks for the next treatment and I’m curious to see the regrowth in between this treatment and the next. If you’re interested in this treatment or any of the other treatments they offer then head on over to their website here.

This is one satisfied customer right here!

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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