Forza – Hydratrim Weight Loss

Another blog, another weight loss product! I’m on a mission to find the best products out their to help my readers lose weight. Obviously only if they’re looking for it. If you’re happy with the way you feel then that’s the main thing. I hate people who judge others for the way they look and especially if it’s about their weight. It’s their choice on how they look and it’s certainly none of our business to start making rules on what is seen as ‘the ideal figure‘. Just look at the stupid advertising mistake Protein World made here, when they placed a super slim woman in an advertisement that asked ‘Are You Beach Body ready?‘ Errrrr…bad move guys, bad move.


I am happy in my own skin, however do I want to change parts of my body for me and only me? YES. Never change for someone else, it should only be for you! Anyway enough of the preaching. I’m starting on a 30 day supply of Forza’s Hydratrim Weight Loss Capsules. Forza is a well-known brand that you’d have probably come across in your local supermarkets. I’ve seen them stocked in Sainsburys for sure. I’ve tried out the Forza brand before so be sure to check out the diet shakes review here.


I have 180 capsules in the pack, which I was like ‘HOW MANY?!‘. However upon closer inspection, I’m going to be taking 6 capsules a day as it’s required to take 2 before each meal. Please always do your research before you start taking diet supplements. It’s important to know that you wouldn’t be allergic to any of the ingredients in the capsules and that your doctor hasn’t advised against taking them. Most of the time, these supplements don’t normally cause any side effects but make sure you double check, triple check and read reviews. Also it’s handy to spot if the product has been certified to comply with the industry’s standards. It will hopefully make them more trustworthy and reliable.

The two main ingredients within the capsules are Glucomannan and Zinc. The Glucomannan is a natural dietary fibre that forms into a gel-like mass in the stomach when hydrated. So it’s important to take these with 1-2 glasses of water to firstly digest the capsule properly but to also make sure it works to it’s full capacity. By gently expanding in the stomach, glucomannan can delay gastric emptying and induce satiety leading to a decrease in subsequent food intake. Basically it makes you feel fuller meaning your portion sizes are smaller. The Zinc contributes to normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids!

I’ll be sticking to this 30 day plan, just like I did with Gravitate Nutrition, to see how I get on and whether it makes a difference. I’ll be keeping you guys updated with the results so keep your eyes peeled! If you’d like to buy them yourself then click here.





Disclaimer – I was gifted this product for my own honest opinion.


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