Aroma Diffuser – Dinosaur Egg

If you have a child or if YOU are an adult sized child (like me), then show them this…



Well it’s shaped like a dinosaur egg but it’s actually an aroma diffuser! You may have seen a previous blog where I reviewed another diffuser. That one is a lot smaller and doesn’t well…stick out as much as this one does. But hey, that isn’t a bad thing.


The Aroma Diffuser (Dinosaur Egg) is from a company called Cool Breeze who manufacture these big beauties and they are sold here via Amazon for £25.99. Pretty awesome price for such a beefy product!

Assembling the egg itself is pretty easy…it comes already assembled. There are easy to follow instructions on how to get the diffuser running. The egg is powered by an adaptor which plugs into the bottom, under a curve of the design which means it keeps the diffuser level and won’t easily fall out.


Water is used and filled up in the base of the egg with a measure level on the side. However, this is extremely difficult to see to the naked eye and I would have suggested it could have been written on the inside in black. Once you’ve filled up the water, you simply add the recommended dose of oils which is 2-3 drops per 100ml so I added into it a little over 6. I think this was too much as the smell was quite overpowering. Although, it’s a good sign that the diffuser works well. I used an essential oil from Muji which was Citronella and I believe this is 100% natural. If there’s any experts out there, please do let me know if I’m wrong as Cool Breeze mentions on their website that using fully natural oils are best for the functionality of the diffuser.

The buttons at the bottom of the egg are simple to use and look stylish. Clicking the ON/OFF button once turns the machine on and immediately starts releasing mist. You can then click the button once, twice or three times to choose between the time settings. This enables you to choose how long you’d like it on for and after the time is up, the machine shuts off. The mist button has three settings for how strong you’d like the scent and the light button switches the multi-colour changing lights on and off. You then simply have to hold down the ON/OFF button to turn it off. Easy peasy!


This would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom but doesn’t scream ‘I HAVE A CHILD PRODUCT IN MY ROOM‘, if you’re an adult. The egg is modern and stylish, it doesn’t look tacky and looks quite nice on my bedside table. The price is good for diffusers and the small amount of oil that you use in the water, means that oil will last for a while.  I would have thought this would be great if you have an electrical socket within your bathroom as it would be a suitable alternative to a candle whilst you’re soaking yourself in the bathtub!



Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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