Royal Coffee Scrub

I certainly have a slight addiction to coffee. So much so, that I didn’t need to be asked twice to try out the Royal Coffee Scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics.

I mean it’s coffee, with cinnamon and vanilla AND IT’S A SCRUB

Coffee Scrub Packaging

Now first off, let me just warn any freakishly un-messy people (not at all like me) that this product might not be the best thing for you because it’s well..errr messy. When applying the scrub, it’s best to just stand in the shower, rub it on and then you can easily rinse it off without causing any leftover coffee granules for your housemates/other half to clean up.

Coffee Granules

The scrub is made up of natural ingredients and unlike most exfoliators/scrubs, they do not contain harmful beads that have been known to kill aquatic animals. They come in a range of flavours including Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Lavender Mint, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang. I went for Cinnamon Vanilla because I love the spice of the Cinnamon.

Coffee Scrub on skin

Coffee Scrub on skin

Coffee holds amazing benefits for the skin that rejuvenates, acts as an antioxidant and brightens the skin. The coffee helps stimulate blood circulation which leads to more healthy, glowing skin. The scrub also helps at minimising cellulite by tightening the skin naturally. 

The scrub costs £9.95 which for 200g is pretty good value for money.

Coffee Scrub Packaging

Fancy trying out the range? Get your Royal Coffee Scrub here.

Do you like the sound of a coffee scrub? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was sent this product in return for an review. All my opinions are honest!

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