I Took A Break.

So I’ve been inactive for the past week because I’ve been tanning myself in a town called Benissa, in the beautiful country that is Spain. I also decided that I wanted a little break from blogging. Don’t get me wrong here, I love blogging but since starting a new job, I’ve found myself struggling to juggle everything that’s currently been on my plate.

I’ve had so much brand work come in from my blog that I’m ashamed to admit I’ve struggled to maintain it all, but this will all be completed over the next couple of weeks. I tried so hard to write more blogs in advance to cover the time that I was away in Spain but a lot got in the way which meant I couldn’t write anything.

But hey I’m not seeing this as a negative. I had a blissful, relaxed holiday with family which helped me to de-stress and worry only about what I wanted to eat and drink and whether I should sunbathe for an extra 10 minutes or cool off in the swimming pool. Hard life eh?

The point of this blog post is to firstly say I’m back (WAHEY!). Secondly I wanted to let you know, that I may have these points in my blogging where I do go off the radar for a while. However, it’s really so that I can enjoy life around me, in that moment. There’s only so much time I can dedicate to my blogging without risking my social life so I’m making a conscious effort to get myself into bed earlier at night, hoping that it will spur me on productively in the evenings. I’m also going to maintain my brand collaborations but I’m going to take more care and invest more time into each blog post. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt that the blogs I’ve published have just been spewed out in a desperate attempt to daily blog. I now know that it’s more or less impossible to blog every day – there’s only so many hours!

This blog is a bit of a jumbled mess because at the time of writing this,  I’ve been up since 05.30am (4.30am British time) and it’s now 22.30pm. I think it’s time for me to get some rest as tomorrow it’s up at the crack of dawn to make the commute into work. What I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t get upset or bogged down if you decide to do absolutely nothing with your weekend, if you don’t manage to finish something you started or if you sleep in an hour later on your day off. Enjoy life in the moment and don’t waste your time regretting not doing more. That’s just not fun.

buenas noches (goodnight!)

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