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They’ve been labeled as the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupe so I knew I had to give them a go if anything to get closer to the real thang.

Although most people cannot stand the Kardashians, I love them and I especially love the Jenners. Granted, being in a well-known family helps but they do look as if they work hard! Anyway, this isn’t a blog about the Kardashians before you switch off! I thought I’d review Makeup Revolution’s new line of matte lip kits. They come with both the lipliner and matte lip cream which is exactly the same with the Kylie lip kits but at a fraction of the price!

Packaging of lip kit

They have eight shades in total. I picked up Reign because it looked like the best neutral colour for trying out a new product. I also thought it would give the product a fair chance rather than picking a shade that would end up being not right for me.

I love the packaging and they’ve really done well in making it appear very luxe. The lip liner is gorgeously creamy and I’m hoping that it can be sharpened else it’s definitely going to run out soon enough. It applies onto the lip really well and I’m impressed by it’s staying power. In fact both of them are extremely durable after trying to remove it with makeup remover and failing. 

Lip liner on lips

The lip cream is a usual doe shaped sponge and applies well onto the lip. I love this colour and I am so glad with the choice I made. It’s a very natural shade that’s has a mixture of pink and brown tones.

My only issue with this product is it’s tackiness and unfortunately I think it’s a big factor. It’s one that makes this product fall at the final hurdle of the beaut-athon. I noticed it very quickly as soon as the product started drying.

Applying lip cream on lip

Apart from this snag, the product is great but there’s better products out there like the NYX Lip Suedes. They do the opposite and rather lock in the moisture to keep the lips from drying out.

At £6.00, this product is reasonably priced and is a manageable lip cream that probably will work better with a little lip balm applied beforehand.

Lip cream swatches

Lip cream on lips

Reign on the lips

Why don’t you try them out here. Have you tried matte lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.

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