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So after coming off a relaxing holiday, I’ve come back feeling refreshed and have a glowing tan to prove it. However, you may have not had the opportunity to go on your holidays yet. Maybe instead, you want a summer tan all year round? Well Sorbet Salon got in touch with me and wanted me to share the ‘glow down‘ on prolonging that summer tan.

International Brand Manager and the face of Sorbet Salons, Courtney Fuhr has provided below, some advice and essential tips on creating a glowing tan and avoiding the orange fake bakers among us. 

‘A golden tan can wipe years off your complexion and trim inches from your waistline. But, as many of us find, maintaining that tan in the rainy climates of the UK proves to be more than tricky. It’s impossible! Fortunately, if you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, such as wrinkles, dark spots and signs of premature ageing, with all the confidence of that fresh off a holiday feeling, the only safe glow is one that comes from a bottle!

Experienced and well-versed in all things beauty, Courtney Fuhr, who jets between her home in South Africa and Sorbet stores in London, shares her wealth of experience on just how to keep a glowing tan long into the autumn months with the help of award winning self-tanning line, Fake Bake.’ – Courtney Fuhr, Brand Manager of Sorbet Salons

Available in South Africa’s best loved beauty chain, Sorbet Salons are located in North London’s Crouch End, Muswell Hill, and later this year, East Finchley bringing heart and soul to the high streets of London! With the philosophy of empowering women with a feeling of confidence and self-worth, Sorbet Salons deliver top notch treatments with quality results, leaving customers feeling nothing short of a million dollars!

Here, Courtney explains all…

Bronzed and body beautiful…

“Select a shade that’s right for you.” 

“The secret to extending your tan is to choose a product which accentuates the base you already have. My favourite is Fake Bake’s Original Self Tan Lotion, formulated to take you only one or two shades darker than your natural colour – the subtle shade perfectly enhances skin tone without making you appear overdone.”  

Pre-tan Prep!

“Smooth, supple skin is the basis to achieving a bronzed glow that really lasts. Invest in a sugar or salt based exfoliator, spending time to gently buff the body at least a week prior helping remove dead skin cells and free congested pores. Double check that your scrub doesn’t contain oil, as this can leave a greasy residue, acting as a barrier between your skin and the self-tanner. The result? Unsightly streaks! Following gentle exfoliation, remember to moisturise all over, taking care to cover those extra dry areas – elbows, knees, ankles and everything in between. – Courtney Fuhr, Brand Manager of Sorbet Salons

Courtney’s Top Tanning Tips for the Body

1. Always wear latex or vinyl gloves to protect your hands – much easier than scrubbing around your nails to remove excess tan and stains!

2. Apply small amounts quickly rather than large amounts slowly as the tan can dry up!

3. Start at the ankles and work your way up – don’t forget the feet! Try not to wear tight shoes for 2-3 days after as this can leave lines.

4. Apply in circular motions, this helps for even distribution

5. Add additional tan to the areas you want to highlight – between the thighs, underneath the collarbones and of course your outer torso for those sculpted abs!

6. When doing the hands, always apply right up to the wrists then take one glove off, put on the one hand, then swap gloves and apply to the other, that way you’ll ensure your hands aren’t a different colour.

Sun-kissed complexion …

“Your face is the first thing people notice and nothing looks better than a sun-kissed complexion but after time in the sun, this tends to fade faster than the rest of your body. Fake Bake’s Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum is a magical elixir packed full of skin loving ingredients from silk amino acids to anti-ageing coconut oil itself. It’s therefore perfect not only for enhancing your tan but also for feeding your skin with essential nutrients. My top tip would be to apply a little barrier cream to the eye brows and around the hair line to stop the build-up of excess tan in these areas.”

Courtney’s Top Tanning Tips for the Complexion

1. Mix the self-tan with a small amount of your everyday moisturiser – this softens the product and reduces the chance of any skin breakouts and uneven patches

2.  Start from the neck and gently work your way up using circular motions for even application

3. With the excess product, apply to the ears

4. Gently smooth fingers over any lines on the face to ensure

product hasn’t settled into these areas

5. After application, remember to wipe your hands, nails and brows to

avoid those tell-tale signs of fake tan!

Unfortunately a natural tan doesn’t last forever and I can personally say that I always feel fitter and look healthier when I have a tan. I’m keen to try out this fake bake in the future so make sure you look out for it on my blog soon!

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