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I didn’t realise that there’s quite a few different reasons as to why you or a family member/friend suffers from snoring. These can be anything from…

– Genetic Disposition

– Alcohol

– Weight

– Smoking

– Cold, Allergies or Blocked Nose

– Age

– Medication

– Pregnancy

– Sleeping Position and Other Obstructions

It seems to me that no one is quite safe from the dreaded fog horn syndrome that seems to effect a lot of us at some point in our lives. I decided to test out the Snoreeze‘s Nasal and Throat spray on none other than my partner. Yes, Sam is slowly becoming my guinea pig when there’s products to test out.

I decided to trial this product for a few days to see if Sam happened to stop snoring. Now he’s not as bad as my dad is but he does tend to snore every so often. I normally hear it when I’m struggling to sleep or whenever Sam falls asleep first.

After dosing up on the nasal and throat spray (much to his look of disgust), he soon fell asleep before me. Almost immediately his breathing got heavier as he went into a deeper sleep. Much to my surprise, the snoring was there but not there. This I know makes absolutely no sense, but go with me for a moment. It almost sounded as if his snoring had been put on low volume. You could hear the slight vibration in his throat but there wasn’t any loud sound coming from him!

SUCCESS! It actually works.

He used the product for the next couple of days and the results remained the same. Here’s what Sam had to say about using the products…

‘The products were easy to use and tasted of water which is great. They’re much better than the ones I’ve used on the market before and I believe they worked well for the nights I used them.’

If you or someone you know, suffers from snoring then why not take the Snoreeze’s 8 hour challenge? Find out the cause of the snoring, change your lifestyle to better the cause and then try out some Snoreeze products!

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product for my own honest opinion.

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