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Hello everyone. So yes…call me crazy but I, Hannah McCarthy, have indeed taken on the challenge of running the London Marathon 2019! I am running for Hospice UK, in memory of my wonderful Grandad. He spent his last few weeks in Thames Hospice Windsor and I can honestly say the support they gave both my Grandad and my family is something that I will be forever grateful for. I thought this would be a wonderful way to raise some money for a fantastic charity and also cross off the Number 1 challenge on my Bucket List. Here’s a picture of me ready to start the 1st run of the year. Any donation, great or small would be extremely appreciated. You can find the link to my donation page at the bottom of this blog post.

Hannah McCarthy

My Running Story

Before you ask, no I have never run a Marathon, I’ve never run a Half Marathon either. I started running in February last year, beginning with the Couch to 5k as I wanted to set myself a challenge and used to love running when I was young. I remember when I started I couldn’t even run 30 seconds without getting out of breath, that soon changed! I completed Couch to 5k on the day of The London Marathon 2018 – I took it as a sign and thought, there’s my next challenge. I applied for a Charity place as soon as I was able to and then in October I received the phone call, I’d been offered a place. I kept running up until July when I stopped as I was dancing/cheerleading away in 2 fabulous Musicals.

But I picked things up again, running 3 times a week & steadily increasing my distance up to this point where I am now ready to start my Marathon training plan in the New Year. I might not be a running pro, but I am one determined person when my mind gets put to work and my goodness, this will put my mind to work. I am not trying to complete the Marathon in a particular time or to get all the way around without stopping – my main goals are to raise money for a Charity that means so much to me and to enjoy each step along the way to the big day: the joy, the tears, every moment. Here’s how my Week 1 went…


Week 1 Run 1 – 02/01/2019

The 1st run back after Christmas, the 1st run of 2019 & my 1st official London Marathon training run. After a lot of merriment over the Christmas & New Year period, I thought that this would be a tough run but I was pleasantly surprised. I was eager to get going & completed it in no time. I guess the excitement of beginning the journey officially kicked in. I had also received a lot of running related presents for Christmas so was excited to try out my Flip Belt especially. I think it could become my new running best friend & will definitely be coming with me around the London Marathon track.


Week 1 Run 2 – 05/01/2019

I should have run this the day before but ah well, 2 runs in a weekend never hurt anyone right? I got to try out another Christmas present today, wireless earphones, this was a game changer. More specifically the Jabra Sports Pace Wireless Earphones.

HeadphonesI tend to fluctuate between listening & not listening to music while running purely because I hate having a wire constantly hitting my arm. However, this changed everything. Being able to pop the earphones in, press play & then away I went without any wires hitting my arm. I felt a bit stiffer on this run as I had literally rolled out of bed but loosened up as I got going – definitely think I am slowly turning into an afternoon/evening runner.


Week 1 Run 3 – 06/01/2019

I really did not feel motivated to do this run but it turned into one of my best runs in a long time & that was because of one thing: Podcasts. I thought I might enjoy listening to podcasts but it is was even better than I could’ve imagined! I forgot I was running half the time! A friend had told me about a weekly podcast that Martin Yelling does called Marathon Talks where he interviews various runners & talks about all things Marathon related. It made the run fly by & I’m definitely going to continue listening to podcasts & perhaps audiobooks as well? We shall find out over the next few weeks.

Overall all I would say Week 1 has been a success! The only thought I’ve had is as I’ve been running longer distances prior to the New Year I might increase my long runs a bit starting next week as the London Marathon beginner plan might be taking it a bit too slowly for me but we shall see… I don’t want to get ahead of myself!

To donate to Hospice UK please click hereThank you so much to everyone who donates I really appreciate your support and contributions to such an incredible cause. Make sure you check back on UpYourVlog to see my next blog post.

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