A Weekend In Stiffkey

At this point if Sam’s reading, he’s probably giggling like a school boy at the name. However, the beautiful village of Stiffkey was just what we needed. An escape from the madness of London. We were celebrating Mike’s (Sam’s dad) 60th birthday and we had quite an adventurous weekend.

We made our way to Sheringham from London Liverpool Street after work on the Friday. Sam had booked us onto 1st class so we enjoyed a comfortable ride towards Norwich. I’d not finished my McDonald’s (classy) so had brought it on the train with me. The woman sat opposite us was clearly not impressed that our seats were booked next to her…

We finally arrived in Sheringham, after slumming it in the second part of our journey on another train, just after 10pm. Sam’s family were staying in a stunning house surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubbery. It was right next to a main road that was surprisingly busy for the countryside, however this didn’t stop us from enjoying the glorious weather in the front garden.

On our first and only full day in Stiffkey, we headed on over to the Stiffkey marshes where the land stretched far and wide, with the sea well off into the distance. We headed into the marsh with our flip flops but pretty soon into it, all the girls took off the shoes and gave in to the natural earth known commonly as…mud! We only managed to get as far as the first wooden bridge (after slipping and sliding all over the place) but decided enough was enough and headed back home for some lunch. We stopped off at the little shop/cafe/post office, to grab a few essentials.

That afternoon we headed into Wells-next-the-Sea for a walk along it’s sandy beach, seeing the gorgeous beach huts that stretched far beyond and explored (meaning, me and Sam got lost) the forest behind the beach. That night we headed out for a meal at the Red Lion, but enjoyed a glass of fizz which we toasted to Mike first. 

On Sunday, we gave Mike his birthday presents then headed to Blakeney where the National Trust had a seal watching opportunity. I stupidly drank too much water and needed a pee after only just reaching the seals. This meant I nearly wet myself in front of a boat full of people. I mean, when you’re surrounded by water, it’s hard to not think of needing the toilet!

Grey Seal in the middle: I think that girl needs a pee…

When it was time to eventually head home, disaster struck when our train from Sheringham had been cancelled and we had no way of getting back to Norwich. Thankfully, Hannah (Sam’s sister) drove us back to Norwich in time to catch an 8pm train. Talk about typical British transport!

We had a lovely weekend and if you’re every in the Norwich area, then go and explore these gorgeous seaside treasures.

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