Mum’s 50th in Liverpool

After a frantic couple of weeks, a weekend away to Liverpool to celebrate my mum’s 50th birthday was perfectly timed. Myself and Sam met up at Euston station after work and managed to get cheap tickets in advance but the train wouldn’t be leaving until around 8.40pm. Typically we headed straight over to Nandos for a bite to eat before our journey to Liverpool.

Mum and friends
My mum’s typical reaction to a photo *shakes fringe* ‘Do I look pretty?!’

So of course my mum is the best mum in the world. She’s not only my mum but a sister and a best friend. She’s always had my back, picked me up when I’ve struggled or failed and cheered me on when I’ve succeeded. Mum is one of my only downsides to living in London. Now with a full-time job, I can see her and the family more often but before I struggled to just stay afloat in London let alone going home for the weekend. My dad (the legend he is) had been secretly planning this trip for so long and I bow my metaphorical hat at him because if anyone knows my mum well, she’s the real life equivalent of Inspector Morse. You can literally get nothing past this woman. Numerous times now, when I’ve tried to surprise her by coming home, someone’s let the cat out of the bag or aroused suspicion. So daddykins, well done!

Mum had known she was going to Liverpool and initially she had no idea who was going. She’d made a list to Dad about who she’d like there and almost everyone had turned up. I think there were twenty of us in total which I mean, hey if twenty people are willing to pay for accommodation to celebrate your birthday in Liverpool, you are a pretty special person.

Liverpool Hotel
Outside of Hotel Indigo
Inside restaurant
Marco Pierre White Restaurant/Breakfast Area
Inside bedroom
Typical double bedroom layout

We arrived more or less before midnight and quickly checked into our room. We were staying in Hotel Indigo for two nights which cost me and Sam £319 in total for two nights. This included a stunning double bedroom, en-suite with a waterfall shower and it also included breakfast in the morning which was DELISH. After checking in, we got a couple of slightly tipsy parents on the phone who were asking what drink we wanted as the pub they were in had called last orders. According to the parents, the pub called Thomas and Rigby was 10 minutes away. Turns out it was around the corner from our hotel. #drunks

After one drink and a lot of catching up with those there, we headed back to the Hotel and got to bed at around 2am. I mean when you’re celebrating a 50th you have to go hard! The next morning we got up for breakfast just after 10am. The food was delicious and there was a range of cold and hot food. Typical Full English breakfasts were on offer but there was also lighter options such as fruit if you wanted to be healthy. HA, not this weekend my friends!

After breakfast we had a walk around the centre. As it was raining, Sam need to get himself a raincoat and I had forgot to bring my umbrella. So I came out with an umbrella…a new bobble hat and snood. I mean I can never go in Primark and just get the one thing I was meant to go in for. We then headed over to the Merseyside Maritime Museum which was free of charge to go in and walk around.

Maritime Museum
A few snaps from the exhibitions

After spending just over an hour here, we headed out in search of a pub and ended in Liverpool’s First National Wine Bar. Now this was definitely misleading as what looked like a fancy wine bar, turned out to be something that was pretty much your average Wetherspoon’s pub. The staff also didn’t know their wine menu and look confused when we asked for something that wasn’t on their shelf…but was on the wine list. Yet more of Mum’s friends arrived between here and when we arrived back at the hotel, to get ready for the evening. We had been booked in for a meal at 5.30pm so it was a bit of a dash to get ready. We went to a place called the Casa Italia.  Although my main meal was forgotten, it was quickly brought out with no problems. After finishing our meal and taking all of the photos at my mum’s request, we headed on over to The Cavern Club. The Cavern Club is an iconic venue as it’s where The Beatles musical identity was formed. Since then, a host of artists and famous celebrities have walked through the doors and we did the same thing that night to watch The Beatles tribute band!

They were fantastic but everyone by the end was sweating buckets because it was so hot. However, the alcohol flowed, so we were well hydrated throughout the night. (well, as hydrated as you can be when drinking alcohol!)

Friends and family collage

I want to wish my mum a Happy Birthday again and it was such a great weekend to celebrate in such a beautiful city.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? Let me know in the comment below.

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