My Favourite Recent Beauty Buy

Mentioned in my last beauty buys post here, I just had to rave more about this product that I brought from Soap & Glory. Pillow Plump is a lip plumping formula that smells of chocolate and makes your lips buzz with excitement. I mean they actually make your lips tingle! It’s like pins and needles for your lips.

Now I love my lips and it’s one of my features that I love. That’s probably why I have so many lipsticks because its one feature that I can really go to town on. Now I’m not saying that Soap & Glory’s Pillow Plump is going to instantly give you Kyle Jenner lips but it is going to plump up those creases in your lips. Well it does that for mine at least so hopefully it would do the same for you.

I find that photos for these types of products aren’t really going to show any difference. When you apply the product you want to add a consistent layer along your lips and almost instantly you’ll feel a tingly feeling. This only intensifies and I’ve found there’s been mixed feelings from bloggers and YouTubers who either can deal with it or can’t. It’s not painful, it’s just a weird feeling.

I’ve probably used the product over five times now and there’s still a lot of product left in the tube. I would have thought this product would last a while and it’s a great base before I add my lipstick or lip balm.

If you fancy trying some out new, then check it out here. What has been your favourite recent beauty buy? Let me know in the comments below!

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