Peel Off Lipstick Review

You may have seen my recent Ebay Haul in which every product I brought was under £10. What a bargain! You can read it here.

I’ve seen a lot of these lip peel reviews on YouTube and wanted to try them out for myself. And the verdict? Not impressed.

I brought three colours out of the total six. I wanted ones that would suit the best so thought a rosy pink, a red and a darker red would be perfect for my skin tone. The lip peels are £1.38 each or £7.99 for all 6.

The first one I tried was Rose Pink and it was the best of a bad bunch. The product is very thick and most like the feeling of putting thick glue on your lips. The smell that comes along with the lip peel is actually quite pleasant but even the nicest of smells won’t save this beauty buy.

The lip peel instructions state that the thicker the application the better. After trying the first one, the following day I tried Cherry Red and Sexy Red. I was appalled at how thick and gunky they were and it made it impossible to even apply it to my lips. The Sexy Red was a little less thick but ended up seeping into my mouth and covering my teeth. The lip peels were hardly stain proof as they wiped off my teeth easily (thank god). The instructions told me that the tint should remain for 12 hours. Well they didn’t. A simple drink and snack removed any trace of the tint and the whole process of applying the lip peel up until the reveal was a complete waste of time.

Overall I definitely wouldn’t recommend these products as they don’t even really serve much of their purpose. The only saving grace is that they were so cheap! Go figure.

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