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The Celine Bag Dupe | Eva Leather


Ever since blogging became a money maker, I’ve managed to splurge out a little more than I usually would. However, the bargain finder in me will always rein my spending habits back in and avoid making silly purchases. Yes, sometimes it’s good to treat oneself but my income isn’t huge and this girl does not want to get herself into debt anytime soon. Eva Leather sells designer inspired handbags at affordable prices.

Celine Dupe Bag Eva LeatherWhen I spotted this bag, I immediately thought of the Celine bags and it’s why I went for it. This designer for me is on my wishlist of designer bags to buy. I think if anything, I’ll end up having a designer bag collection because I love bags, always have done and if I were given the opportunity to have my own fashion line, it would be designer bags that are affordable to people like myself.

So this Celine dupe is available to purchase in Dollars or in Euros. This style would normally cost around £2,200 – I know, how insane to think someone would spend that amount of money on one bag. So for those looking to save the pennies and get something similar, then you can get it from Eva Leather for just 80€ or $95.

Designer BagsIt’s pretty accurate too, the shape and style of the bag is spot on from the handles to the detailing. The only thing that’s missing is the Celine logo that’s branded on the front of the bag. The colour scheme is a little different too with the colour of the zip being a more copper gold tone compared to the zips on the Celine bags.

The material is a little more rigid which I actually really like about the bag and the size is perfect for a work bag or using day to day. I do wish though that it came with a strap to make it into a shoulder bag, just to give another way of carrying the bag.

Eva Leather was founded in 2012 and delivers leather goods all over the world, offering their customers designer inspired bags at affordable prices. I think when shopping for bags, you want to go with a brand that’s reliable and relevant. Based over in China, they are amongst some of the biggest distributors of leather goods.

Just from exploring their collections, they are constantly churning out new arrivals and some of my current favourites are Eldora Wool and Cow Leather Shoulder Bag and the Eldora Black Shoulder Bag. The hoops on bags are very much on trend at the moment so it’s great to see that Eva Leather are re-creating this.

I can’t wait to show off this bag and I think if you’re after a dupe of a designer bag, then Eva Leather can certainly help you out.

What do you think of Eva Leather? Do you think this is a worthy dupe of the Celine bag? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I got gifted this bag in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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