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So I’ve been recently scrawling through blogs and found a few raving about Ebay and how they’ve managed to find beauty products, homeware and various other bits and bobs for a lot less than their pricer alternatives. I recently got a £20 discount voucher to use on Ebay via Paypal when you spend more than £25. After battling with Ebay and Paypal after not being able to process the checkout, I finally managed to finalise the order and I would love to show you what I got!

From top left to bottom right – 2 Tier Shoe Rack, Cosmetic Organiser, Blackhead Removal Strips, Lip Stain Peels and Gold Collagen Masks

1.  Two Tier Slated Shoe Rack – £6.95

So because I overrun the boys with all my pairs of shoes, I’ve had to claim the four tier shoe rack that my parents gave me when we first moved in to our new flat in London a year ago. I still actually need to buy another shoe rack after this because I’ve still got shoes to stack! This two tier slated shoe rack was just £6.95 so I’m hoping that the quality is still good. I’ve decided that this will sit downstairs in the corridor leading to the front door.

2. Cosmetic Organiser – £8.84

This little beauty comes in a few different styles. For example, the whole storage organiser costs £8.84 but you can buy them separately for less. The 24 lipstick stand case is £2.78 on it’s own or the Nail Polish Stand can be brought for £4.99. They’ve sold nearly 800 of these storage organisers so they must be good! Now I just need a vanity table…

3. Blackhead Removal Strips – £1.99

Always one to try out beauty products, I’ve decided to be a bit more adventurous and do a sort of UpYourVlog Tries… to try out products that perhaps you, my readers have heard about and want an opinion on it or have never heard of it and are keen to see what the product does. So blackhead removal strips are going to be one of these products I try out. This was £1.99 for a pack of 6 so I’ll be trying them out on myself and my partner!

4. Lip Stain Peels – £1.52 

These lip stains are something that I’ve spotted on YouTube channels and on Wowcher (which is where I’ve been looking actively for new products to try). I’ve brought three different colours including Rose Pink, Cherry Red and Sexy Red and I can’t wait to test these out and see if they actually work. These were £1.52 per tube which is pretty good…if it does what it’s meant to do.

5. Gold Collagen Masks – £0.99-£6.65

I’ve been obsessed with wanting to try these out ever since I saw one my friends use it on Instagram. They’re masks specifically for different parts of the face (or all of your face) that contain ingredients to help the skin including lip masks that help plump the lips. Look out for a blog post on this because I’ll be keen to show you the before and after results. I paid for two under eye masks at £1.79 and two lip masks at £1.79. You can buy more if you want but obviously the price goes up.

So what do you think of my bargain buys off Ebay? I’m sure I’ll be buying more in the future but let me know in the comments below if you’ll be buying any of the above soon!

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